Soapy was at the startup corner of, the one and only, Arie Goldenberg! Kan Tarbut

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Thank you Arie Goldenberg for the privilege and the warm hosting!


Soapy Pro can help with preventing HAI

The Soapy Pro Smart Hand Hygiene Compliance System is an intelligent monitoring system that uses sensors and a cloud-based platform to track and analyze hand hygiene in real-time. It can be installed in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes and customized to meet the specific needs of each facility. The system provides real-time feedback and coaching to healthcare workers to help them improve their hand hygiene habits and reduce the transmission of hospital-acquired infections. It uses alerts and notifications to remind workers to wash their hands and provides immediate feedback on performance. Overall, the Soapy Pro system is a powerful tool for improving hand hygiene compliance and creating a safer environment for patients and healthcare workers.

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