Presenting at the 8200 conference

June 18, 2019 Ofir Broides Vavker

The 8200 division is probably one of the most elite forces of the Israeli Di-fence Force specializing in Hi Tech, Security, Cyber tech and more. The division generates every year an unbelievable human talent that is fuse in to the Israeli ecosystem through variety of innovative ventures(IoT, AI, Cyber security, VR, and more)
Former 8200 entrepreneurs organize a non profit organization(NPO) to integrate, nature, incubate and accelerate division young talent in the public and private sectors. The NPO is also one of the best and most experienced startup incubator ad accelerator for young entrepreneurs.
Every year the 8200 NPO invites Israeli ecosystem to a one of a kind conference where all of the new success stories are presented to meet customers, investors, and recruit new talent.
This year Soapy was honored to be among the companies that presented at the conference!
What we learned and gained at the conference?
1) People love to wash hands with our unit more than using regular toilet faucet and sink.
2) We washed more than 100 unique pair of hands and talked with more than 250 people.
3) ~30% returning users that brought new users (their friends) to wash hands properly.
Reinventing hand hygiene – saving lives wash by wash 🙂
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