Once again Soapy is on the Map this time China

This time Soapy Care made it to the Second place at the OTEC regional competition. The Regional finals included the leading software and hardware companies from the most innovative and trending sectors of the Startup Nation high-tech arena – Cyber Security, AI, Music tech, e-Commerce and Block Chain. Soapy is on the Map. Soapy continues […]

How Hand Washing Technique Affects Bacteria Level on Hands

Bloodstream infections (BSI) are one of the most cited complications among hemo-dialysis patients within dialysis units (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017). These types of infectious complications, such as peritonitis, often associated with unhygienic technique and exit-siteinfection. Prevention of exit-site location is largely associated with skin-resident microbes. Approximately 42% of peritonitis episodes are known […]