8 Health and Wellness Brands in 2023

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Ready to Get Healthier? Follow These 8 Health and Wellness Brands in 2023


8 Health and Wellness Brands in 2023
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Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Soapy is a health tech company that provides infection prevention technologies to hospitals and healthcare facilities in 30 countries where it’s registered. It supports the healthcare teams to adhere to proper hand hygiene without compromising quality, losing time, or creating burnout. Soapy has been proven to improve hygiene adherence by over 90%, prevent infection, and reduce HAIs.

Soapy technology allows companies to overview staff compliance with hand hygiene protocols, thus increasing patient safety and quality of care.

Soapy offers two systems, namely Soapy Pro and Soapy Pro Mobile. They both offer flawless handwashing and hand sanitizing compliance solutions to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The Soapy Pro Hand Hygiene System was designed to be mounted vertically, so it can be installed in hallways, patient rooms, or medical wards. The system provides educational and fun hand hygiene tutorials so staff can perform thorough hand sanitization. At the end of each cycle, users will be scored according to regulatory guidelines for proper hand hygiene.

The Soapy Pro has a self-check mechanism that evaluates any potential malfunctions or misuses, which is great. All systems have warm water and a visual interface that’s engaging and effective to ensure a positive user experience. The Soapy system can be set up for handwashing or hand sanitizing and it will report compliance parameters. HAI prevention has never been easier! Our vision is a world where hygiene saves lives, and it starts with the healthcare industry.


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