AIPAC: Soapy Takes the Guesswork Out Of Washing Hands

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The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of proper hand hygiene in the fight against infectious diseases. Max Simonovsky, Soapy Care’s CEO and co-founder, explained to AIPAC about Soapy’s revolutionary solution – the CleanMachine. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.

The CleanMachine answers the specific needs institutions and facilities have when it comes to hand washing. The smart machine offers a facial recognition feature that allows managers access to both individual and group user data. It also heats the water to a comfortable temperature for every wash, saving hundreds of dollars a year on electricity. The CleanMachine dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash cycle while showing the user which areas on the skin need to be scrubbed. As well as ensuring a thorough wash, this saves up to 65% of reagants and up to 90% of water usage for facilities. CleanMachine is an efficient and ecological way to fight the spread of germs and viruses inside institutions and workplaces worldwide. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.

The smart hand hygiene machine scans the hands during the washing process and grades the user’s techniques, letting them know immediately whether or not they had an effective wash cycle.

The automatic hand washing machine has a facial recognition feature, which allows employers to track important hygiene trends inside their facilities and provide further guidance if needed.

If you want to learn more about CleanMachine, you can contact us here.

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