Save The Earth – Wash Your Hands

Infection prevention monitoring Infection prevention monitoring is our responsibility. Earth day is a day dedicated to protecting the environment. Each year has a prominent theme, and for 2021 it’s “Restore Our Earth” – focusing on natural processes and emerging green technologies. The tradition of celebrating Earth Day started with Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, back in […]

Suffering From Spring Allergies? Wash Your Hands To Prevent Infection

Infection prevention monitoring Infection prevention monitoring is our responsibility. Ah, spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are a beautiful shade of green – and your nose starts itching and your eyes start watering. Before panicking, remember that some of the symptoms of spring allergies can be mistaken for Covid-19 […]

World Health Day And Hand Hygiene

HAI prevention system HAI prevention system. April 7th – the world celebrates world health day, and this year’s theme is building a fairer, healthier world. At Soapy, we’re determined to do well – to do good. For us, this essentially means that we want to succeed in order to give back as much as we […]

Does Gloving Remove The Need For Handwashing?

Does gloving remove the need for handwashing? The simple answer is, no. Gloves may break due to inappropriate storing conditions, water leaking in, aggressive use, and more. That is the reason surgeons scrub their hands to the point of disrupting the natural flora on the skin before donning on gloves. In case a glove will […]

Education Systems Around The World Are Bettering Themselves

System Monitoring, Schools need to be safe spaces for kids to grow in. The classroom is where children develop social connections, as well as learn valuable lessons. Without a doubt, teachers have their hands full with trying to ensure every student understands the school curriculum, on top of having their emotional needs met inside their […]