We made it to Red Herring’s Top 100 European Companies!

Soapy has been chosen as one of 2020 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winners!

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Soapy in top 5 sanitizing solutions list!

On the evening after Independence day we receive this thrilling news – we’ve been selected as one of the top 5 sanitation and disinfection solutions by StartUs Insights!

Check out the full story and other companies here:


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News From Soapy: ECO Micro-Station COVID-19 Installation Improvements

Soapy has developed an app that will enable any institution an easy installation of the ECO micro-station, without the need for external help.

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Soapy is on the COVID-19 fighting map!

It’s an honor to be recognized as one of 80 Israeli startups fighting COVID-19 by Startup Nation Central.

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Soapy At University of Maryland

Soapy’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Max Simonovsky recently attended the Start-Up Nation Tech Fair at University of Maryland
While attending this fair, Max was able to not only display Soapy’s amazing technology, but also meet with the Tamid Consultants from University of Maryland who have been working with Soapy this year.
Soapy was one of many innovative startup companies to attend this amazing fair.
Other great example of a life changing technology that is coming from Israel was developed by 6Degrees.
6Degrees developed a wearable technology that controls smart devices, enabling people with upper limb deficiency to reclaim their digital life
The co-Founder and the CTO of 6Degrees Aryeh Katz (left) with Mr. Simonovsky (Right)
We would like to thank Tamid Group at University of Maryland and the Start-Up Nation for hosting us!
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Vote for Soapy

GET IN THE RING voting competition was lunched today (4.1.2019):
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Chosen by the Israeli Innovation Authority

We could not be more excited to announce that Soapy has received approval for a grant from the Innovation Authority of Israel.
After a few months of Due Diligence by the Innovation Authority specialist, that have verified Soapy’s Technology (Innovation and Functionality), Business model, Market opportunity etc. Soapy Care was Approved for an R&D supporting grant.
The Grand Challenges Israel incentive program operates as part of the Grand Challenges in Global Health international initiative. The incentive program is also partnered by Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the National Economic Council of the Prime Minister’s Office.
The program supports R&D focused on the humanitarian health challenges that exist in developing countries, with products that also have commercial potential in developed countries. Participation in this incentive program combines charitable acts and services with new business opportunities and the chance to solve global challenges.
Winners receive up to 140,000 USD from the authority to invest in their R&D and pilot their technologies in the markets, to solve development challenges and further establish proof of concept.
Another step toward our dream.
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1 million cups

Max Simonovsky, our CEO was presenting Soapy at the 1 million cups event.
Sharing with the USA investors and startups, what is Soapy’s value proposition to the western economies.

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Soapy is reviewed on Student Israelity

What You Missed at the Georgetown StartUp Nation Tech Fair
…In the public health sphere, an organization called Soapy stood out from the rest on the Tech Fair expo floor. Soapy offers an intelligent hygiene micro-station that only takes only 30 seconds and uses 95% less water than any other available solution. Currently operating in an Indonesian school district, the organization offers a sustainable, “smart” way to encourage proper hygiene practices among the students and staff. Permitted users are given sensor bracelets to access the hand-washing stations, effectively preventing the tragedy of common resources being misused by the public and ensure sustainable usage…”
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Soapy visiting a governmental school in Tanzania

Our co-Founder and our CTO, Alex Orlovsky visiting a governmental school in Tanzania. A school without water infrastructure, without sanitation or hygiene facilities. A school with more than 2000 children, boys, and girls without the fundamental rights of access to hygiene and sanitation!
After a short discussion with the schoolmaster – both decided to go together and talk with the local government. To ask their support for bringing Soapy’s stations to the school.
Good luck Alex!!!
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