Automatic Handwashing Is Better In The Long Run – Here’s Why

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Here at Soapy, we believe automated handwashing will become an inseparable part of hand hygiene in the future. Don’t look so skeptical – we have good reason to think that. Modern technology is helping mankind create better environments in everyday life all around the globe, so much so that life quality and expectancy have shot up in the last few decades. According to different sources, “No country in the world has a lower life expectancy than the countries with the highest life expectancy in 1800…Since 1900 the global average life expectancy has more than doubled and is now above 70 years.” You can’t help but give credit where credit is due – improved living conditions, healthcare, and hygiene, (and technologies that enabled it all) have contributed greatly to mankind’s development. Automated hand hygiene stations are the next natural step in improving our environments, and here’s why. Infection prevention is very important at that time.

It’s easy and simple to use

Washing hands thoroughly is a meticulous process that holds plenty of room for human error. Having a machine signal what your next move should be and grade your hand hygiene technique can help you improve. Trying again and again while being guided by the handwashing station can help change bad hand hygiene habits to good ones.

In an interview we held with a food regulation specialist,Liat Mestamber, she said, “Everyone washes their hands, all the time, every day. It’s a normal thing to do. That’s why we do it automatically, without thinking about what we’re really doing. We just wet our hands, put on some soap, and wash it away – without lathering it correctly, without spending the amount of time that we should – we don’t even think about it. In the food industry, it’s imperative to instill good hand hygiene habits, to teach employees how to wash their hands the correct way and keep at it until it becomes the automatic way of doing things.” What Liat was referring to was the infamous “autopilot” we all slip into sometimes. When your original habits are so good, the way you wash your hands – even when absent-minded – becomes much better. Infection prevention is very important at that time.

Infection prevention

It helps get your employees more involved

Automatic hand washing stations provide accessible solutions for hand hygiene. We can all remember a time we wanted to wash our hands, but there were no available sinks nearby, or the sinks weren’t equipped with enough soap or paper towels for us to use them. Handwashing machines eliminate this problem, helping more people to wash their hands more readily.

In workplace settings, having to answer to management about hand hygiene habits around sensitive products or while working with immune-compromised populations is a much-needed incentive. Studies have shown that when people know they’re being watched, they wash their hands more thoroughly.

Simple hand hygiene mandatory lessons don’t provide the same effect among workers. Studies have shown that in the short term, workers who are more knowledgeable about hand hygiene practice it more, however, in the long run, that knowledge turns into overconfidence and those same employees neglect their hand hygiene.

Using automatic hand washing stations that can notify employers about the wash quality, like the CleanMachine, helps hand hygiene compliance rates rise dramatically.

That’s why employees could benefit from the constant reminders and guidance of the CleanMachine, which displays the correct hand washing techniques as well as grades the quality of the wash.

It ensures thorough infection prevention

Preventing infections before the contamination takes place can be largely aided by the proper use of hand hygiene. Contaminated hands can infect surfaces, which pass on the germs to other people’s hands when they touch them.

The chain of infection can be severed at any link through several actions (such as encouraging sick days among workers, providing disinfecting wipes in high-touch areas, and ensuring hand hygiene protocols are kept).

Washing hands is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted bacteria and germs, helping to limit the spread of dangerous diseases.

hand hygiene solution

It’s ecological

A regular person washing their hands can use anywhere between 1 liters to 2 liters per wash. That is a painfully excessive amount of water. Some countries face the need to conserve water because of droughts or other natural conditions, as well as developing countries struggling to provide clean water to their citizens. Using automatic hand washing machines helps use the exact amount of water needed. Soap can be conserved as well, saving thousands of dollars a year otherwise wasted. Taking care of the ecosystem we live in is something that needs to happen for mankind to continue to prosper on this planet. Creating sustainable hygiene solutions is one of the things we know we can help with.

Soapy’s CleanMachine can save up to 95% of water per wash cycle, as well as up to 65% of reagents – while ensuring the best possible wash quality. The micro-station proves once and for all that conserving resources and washing your hands thoroughly don’t stand in each other’s way.

The CleanMachine – the future of hand washing

“When you’re using automated hand washing machines, you’re not taking any chances,” told us Netta Stahl, Soapy’s Marketing Manager. “When you let hand washing stations scan your hands as you wash them, you don’t have to guess if they’re clean or not – you know.”

“Using the CleanMachine you finally know who washes their hands and at what quality. Soapy also takes a lot of pride in its educational message – every time you wash your hands you can learn to better your hand washing technique, using the CleanMachine enables employees to take personal responsibility when it comes to their hand hygiene.”

“The CleanMachine is suited for any place that needs to ensure people have washed their hands thoroughly and know the quality of their wash. This includes hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants and food factories. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, even regular office settings could benefit from using the CleanMachine greatly.”

Infection prevention

“We want our employees’ motivation to wash their hands to be intrinsic,” Netta explained, “We don’t want them to wash their hands just because somebody told them to, without paying it any real attention. The CleanMachine helps employees become more involved in the washing process, they can learn from their score and the machine’s guidance – and they want to do better.”

“The CleanMachine helps bring down the costs of infection prevention, without compromising the process. It’s so efficient in water, reagent, and electricity usage that it’s clearly the better option for our planet, as well as budget-wise.”

“Automated hand washing machines aren’t as biased as regular hand washing,” Netta said, “You have the machine to guide you and show you the score. There are no guesses, which is so important when it comes to good hand hygiene and infection prevention.”

If you want to learn more about the CleanMachine, you can contact us here.

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