Ron Arad school students’ hand hygiene quality reached an all-time high in less than a month!

“it’s like a game, simple and fun to use Clean Machine,” replied one of the students, “the water is always warm!”

Meet Soapy’s Team: Pavel Semchenko #WhyWeWash

Meet Pavel, Soapy’s DevOps Engineer!

Masks And Acne – Maskne

Can masks cause acne?

Historically Speaking: The Beginning Of Soap

When was soap first made? In our latest series – historically speaking – we’re tackling some of the ancient history behind hand washing.

Automatic Handwashing Is Better In The Long Run – Here’s Why

Automatic handwashing machines are here to stay.

When Should Hand Washing Education Start For Children?

We’re here with some great questions and answers about children and hand hygiene!

How To Create A Hand Hygiene Culture In Your Everyday Life

Now that everyone understands why practicing hand hygiene is a must, we’re here to talk about the “how”.

WSA Picked Soapy As The Most Innovative Solution In Israel For Health And Well-being

WSA, an international platform for ICTs Enterpreneurship, focuses on digital businesses that have a real impact on society. This year, their experts have nominated over 342 social-digital solutions, spanning over 77 countries! Soapy was picked as the most innovative digital...

The Jerusalem Post Revealed – Soapy Is Working With Sheba Hospital!

In a new article, The Jerusalem Post revealed that Soapy has started collaborating with Sheba’s COVID-19 hospital wing in the fight against the dangerous new virus.

The Shocking Truth About Bar Soap And Germs

Are there germs on bar soap? The answer might surprise you.

Meet Soapy’s Team: Olga Kuzmin #WhyWeWash

Meet Olga, Soapy’s QA Engineer!

Shocking Study Finds 3 in 4 Americans Don’t Wash Their Hands When They Should

The New York Post published an article about the CDC’s study of American hand hygiene habits earlier this month. The study compared hand washing practices before and after the COVID-19 pandemic among Americans, and the results were grim.

Hand Washing 101 – Answering The Burning Questions

Even though everyone washes their hands several times a day, some of these answers might surprise you!

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