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A big shout-out to Bloomberg’s El-Financiero for helping to raise awareness of our innovative solution. Infection prevention is important for our society.

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and it is impossible to enforce compliance without managing it!

According to CDC, Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) are among the most common medical events causing death, especially among children.  Proper hand hygiene can prevent up to 1 million deaths annually and reduce HAI by up to 40%. 

WHO states that hand hygiene is a critical and cost-saving intervention in the prevention of infection and the spread of disease. But, only 50% of all medical care workers wash or sanitize their hands correctly.

With Soapy technology, you can now have an overview of staff compliance with hand hygiene protocols — increasing patient safety and care quality.

We passionately believe that good hand hygiene quality is the key to a disease-free life in a world replete with harmful microbes. Soapy brings hand hygiene out of the restroom and takes it into the future!

Soapy is determined to collaborate with several healthcare facilities to spread awareness regarding hand hygiene. Soapy offers the installation of several hand sanitizer stands and hand-washing stations in hospitals and clinics where doctors and patients are prone to hospital-acquired infections. We are educating healthcare teams globally to adopt the most accurate hand-washing steps. The Soapy hand sanitizer stands and Soapy hand-washing stations are aimed at minimizing the overall rate of hospital infections. Hand hygiene for infection prevention is most necessary.

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