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Managers – how to speak to your team about hand hygiene 

The post-COVID-19 world is going to look different, and hand hygiene is going to be at the front of both the consumer and the worker’s worries.

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Soapy is on the main stage of the largest positive impact gathering in the world

Our Founder & CEO, Max Simonovsky, is going to present our mission at the largest impact gathering in the world – ChangeNow 2020 that will take place on January 30-31 and February 1st, 2020. PARIS, Grand Palais.
We are excited to share this great news! Please join us on our journey to a better world.
This summit is also called: World Expo of solutions for the planet.
ChangeNOW is all about concrete actions and innovations: climate change, end of plastic pollution, new forms of agriculture, new models of education, solutions to the refugee crisis, clean energy, sustainable cities, … and other solutions to our most urgent global issues.
Wish us a stroke of good luck and share your support!
See you soon in Paris!
#ChangeNow2020 #Innovation #Summit #Hygiene #SmartHygiene
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365x Show case

It all started when we arrived on the 41st floor on top of the Salesforce Tower on the 6th avenue in NY.
The view was unbelievable
The 365x acceleration program of Sarona Ventures that enhance scalability for Software or IoT Startup Companies. Surrounded by talented Executives and Entrepreneurs, that help to sharpen business, product, and technology, while accessing an international customer and distributors network to affirm reliable traction towards scalability. The program manager, Liron Winberg, succeeded in packing the room with investors and innovation leaders from the New York community. Thanks to Liron, the event felt like a community of high-class professionals. That came to share and brainstorm as One group and not as individuals that just met.
Our CEO and co-Founder, Mr. Max Simonovsky, was honored to be the last presenter.
Mr. Simonovsky closed his pitch session with a clear message of our vision: We should do Business for Impact and Impact for a better future.
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Come meet us at the Thoracic Oncology Symposium in Milan

A fully interactive comprehensive symposium that covers all aspects of the most up to date thoracic surgery, oncology and pneumology and their interdisciplinary relationship.
Providing all the elements to develop an advanced and successful program for the diagnosis, care and treatment of the different stages of lung cancer.
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Soapy at the prestigious IPIEC Finals

Noa Muzzafi, Our good friend, Asia market adviser and an amazing person, represent Soapy at the prestigious Finals of the IPIEC! Goooo Noa!!!
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The Annual Taglit (Birth Right) Conference

Pictures taken by Taglit
This year Soapy Care was the innovation show case of the Israeli startup ecosystem at the annual Taglit (Birthright) conference. That hosted more than a thousand attendees from all around the world.
During the conference Max Simonovsky, our CEO shared his story about how he and Alex Orlovsky, our CTO, decided to quit their jobs and build together a company with technological, social and environmental impact.
Taglit’s Mission
Birthright Israel seeks to ensure that every eligible young Jewish adult around the world, especially the less connected, is given the opportunity to visit Israel on this educational journey.
Birthright Israel Foundation raises funds in the United States to support Birthright Israel. The Birthright Israel program aims to give the gift of an educational trip to Israel to 50,000 young Jewish adults each year.
Taglit Vision
Birthright Israel aims to ensure a vibrant future of the Jewish people by strengthening Jewish identity, Jewish communities and connections with Israel.
Birthright Israel began with a bold idea — offer the gift of a life-changing trip to Israel to young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26 — and in doing so, transform the Jewish future. Founded in 1999 by a remarkable group of committed Jewish philanthropists, Birthright Israel Foundation has given this gift to 700,000 young Jewish adults.
#taglit #innovation #birthright #israel #pitching #conference #hygiene #water #jewish
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OTEC 2019 Finals

Soapy Care was nominated as one of the 12 Finalist of the Global OTEC 2019 competition in China that will take place in Beijing July 26-28.
The Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference is a platform for overseas talents to innovate and start a business. It is sponsored by Beijing Chaoyang Overseas Scholars Center and co-sponsored by Zhenge Fund and Pegasus Brigade to promote returnees and “projects and capitals”. The comprehensive docking of technologies, talents, services, policies, space, market and other factors, providing innovative and entrepreneurial incubation and accelerating one-stop integrated services. The Entrepreneurship Conference has been successfully held for six times, attracting more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, 4,000 projects and more than 100 venture capital institutions from more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Israel, Australia, South Korea and Singapore. Leaders are involved. More than 400 projects have found investment through the platform of the Entrepreneurship Conference, and 200 projects have landed in Beijing and other places. With a highly international brand image, OTEC has become the “first stop” for many overseas talents to return to China (to China) for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Competition web site link
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Presenting at the 8200 conference

The 8200 division is probably one of the most elite forces of the Israeli Di-fence Force specializing in Hi Tech, Security, Cyber tech and more. The division generates every year an unbelievable human talent that is fuse in to the Israeli ecosystem through variety of innovative ventures(IoT, AI, Cyber security, VR, and more)
Former 8200 entrepreneurs organize a non profit organization(NPO) to integrate, nature, incubate and accelerate division young talent in the public and private sectors. The NPO is also one of the best and most experienced startup incubator ad accelerator for young entrepreneurs.
Every year the 8200 NPO invites Israeli ecosystem to a one of a kind conference where all of the new success stories are presented to meet customers, investors, and recruit new talent.
This year Soapy was honored to be among the companies that presented at the conference!
What we learned and gained at the conference?
1) People love to wash hands with our unit more than using regular toilet faucet and sink.
2) We washed more than 100 unique pair of hands and talked with more than 250 people.
3) ~30% returning users that brought new users (their friends) to wash hands properly.
Reinventing hand hygiene – saving lives wash by wash 🙂
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Soapy At University of Maryland

Soapy’s Founder & CEO, Mr. Max Simonovsky recently attended the Start-Up Nation Tech Fair at University of Maryland
While attending this fair, Max was able to not only display Soapy’s amazing technology, but also meet with the Tamid Consultants from University of Maryland who have been working with Soapy this year.
Soapy was one of many innovative startup companies to attend this amazing fair.
Other great example of a life changing technology that is coming from Israel was developed by 6Degrees.
6Degrees developed a wearable technology that controls smart devices, enabling people with upper limb deficiency to reclaim their digital life
The co-Founder and the CTO of 6Degrees Aryeh Katz (left) with Mr. Simonovsky (Right)
We would like to thank Tamid Group at University of Maryland and the Start-Up Nation for hosting us!
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Soapy at the AIPAC Policy Conference

Soapy is going to the most important conference for the American-Israeli relationship. If you around come to meet us!
About the conference
The AIPAC Policy Conference is the largest gathering of America’s pro-Israel community. The conference is a celebration of the U.S.-Israel partnership and the premier opportunity for every attendee to lobby their Congressional office to advance the U.S.-Israel relationship. The Policy Conference is also a rich educational experience and inspirational booster shot. Attendees will hear keynote speeches by American and Israeli leaders, attend intimate educational sessions, and be wowed by moving stories of U.S.-Israel partnerships, Israeli heroism, and groundbreaking Israeli innovations that are changing our world. From the 6,000+ who are attending their first conference to the 50-year conference veteran, each Policy Conference is a unique, powerful, empowering, and inspirational experience you won’t want to miss.
  • More than 18,000 pro-Israel Americans
  • More than two-thirds of Congress
  • More than 3,600 students from more than 630 campuses
  • 283 Student Government presidents from all 50 states
  • More than 275 synagogue delegations
  • AIPAC members from across the country
“AIPAC is a vigilant protector of the U.S.-Israel relationship, and its annual policy conference in Washington is a must-stop for foreign policy-minded politicians and presidential candidates.”– The Hill
“The AIPAC Policy Conference…is the Jewish equivalent to the Oscars or the Grammys—the big, buzzy annual event everyone talks about before it happens and gossips about afterward.”– Tablet Magazine, Stephanie Butnick
“What impressed me was the AIPAC-ers’ earnestness, intensity and warmth.”– The Daily Beast, Gil Troy
“Bipartisanship is a perennial priority for AIPAC, and its policy conference regularly draws the attendance of supportive lawmakers from both major American parties.”– The Huffington Post, Joshua Hersh
  • March 24-26, 2019
  • Washington, D.C.
For more visit AIPAC Policy Conference WebSite
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Soapy is recognized by the President

January 16th, Soapy has received the most prestigious recognition for Impact and Technology in Israel. Out of 100 ventures, Soapy was chosen as the most promising and meaningful technological innovator of 2018.

Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Max Simonovsky, received the award together with leading companies, like Lahat, worldwide humanitarian organizations like IsrAid and inspirational personalities like Prof Samuel Pohoryles.
Israeli president, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, who was present at the ceremony mentioned in his speech:
Who would have thought 70 years ago, when the state of Israel just started evolving, that one day our country (so small and surrounded by opponents) will be strong and developed enough to share knowledge, human capital and technological innovation with the worldwide community.
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