Evidence of hand hygiene to reduce transmission and infections

Bacteria when shaking hands illustration

The human skin is the largest organ of the human body concerning its surface area and exposure to the external environment. It acts as an excellent barrier for protection against harsh environmental conditions but is also colonized with microorganisms that form a distinct human microbiome , although varying considerably from one person to another but […]

Important to know that Most Global Bacterial Deaths linked to 5 microbes

Dirty hands

Most Global Bacterial Deaths are linked to 5 microbes. In what may be the first estimate of bacterial deaths worldwide. The researchers reported 33 bacterial pathogens were responsible for more than 1 in 7 deaths in 2019, with five pathogens linked to slightly more than half of those deaths. “Deaths associated with these bacteria would […]

We had one of a kind spotlight interview about infection prevention

Special spotlight interview about HAI with Michael Dimond During International Infection prevention week, we met Michael Diamond, the Co-founder & Executive Director of TIPS. Michael has a vast background in infection prevention innovation and practices. The conversation we had had a simple yet important value – to learn what changed over the last two decades […]

Microbes on your Mobile Phones

IIPW Spotlight interview

Footprint of microbes Microbes on your Mobile Phones. The macroscopic footprint of microbes in our surroundings is an inevitable reality, and even the objects of our routine use are not an exception to this case. Microbes are abundantly found over the surface of several objects which seemingly appear to be “germ-free.” These commonly used equipment […]