Hand hygiene compliance and HAIs

Wearing gloves to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Hand hygiene compliance is a fundamental prerequisite for every MD and paramedic staff working in a hospital, urgent care facility, clinic, LTC, or any healthcare setting today. Keeping in mind the severe outcomes of the spread of hospital-associated infections(HAIs), hand hygiene should be emphasized accordingly. The ascending incidence of nosocomial infections and their intricacies can […]

Exciting! Soapy and Lovell Join Forces to Enhance Hand Hygiene.

Lovell & Soapy Partnership banner

Lovell® Government Services and Soapy Care Ltd, the creators of SoapyPro, the intelligent handwashing station, have announced a strategic partnership to enhance hand hygiene for federal healthcare systems, including the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the Military Health System (MHS), and the Indian Health Service (IHS). Under this collaboration, Lovell Government Services will serve as Soapy’s […]

Ultimate IPC Arsenal: Long-Term Care Toolkit Unleashed!

Hygiene Hands

Ultimate IPC Arsenal: Long-Term Care Toolkit Unleashed! Unlocking the Power of Knowledge: Your Toolkit for Infection Prevention in Long-Term Care. Infection outbreaks can be a battle, but armed with evidence-based information, we can win the war! Introducing a game-changing toolkit crafted in collaboration with the Yale School of Nursing. It’s your all-in-one resource for long-term […]