CleanMachine improves life span and life quality?

Thanks to modern medicine, thanks to antibiotics, vaccination, hand hygiene, immune treatment, and target drug delivery our life span constantly grows. Some modest predictions say that people that are burning today are probably going to live 120-150 years. All of that is an auspicious and positive view of the future – which is exciting! HOWEVER, […]

How can children effect by the COVID variant?

Did we reopen schools too quickly? How can children effect by the COVID variant? Schoolchildren in Isreal have been becoming more susceptible to new variants of the coronavirus. The surge in cases in young children has led to the virus spreading to their already vaccinated families. In the UK, children in primary school receive a […]

Hand hygiene decreases school absenteeism

Hand hygiene helps to reduce school absenteeism rates due to illnesses by almost 40% of studies suggest, said a senior healthcare professional. While many factors contribute to school absenteeism, student illness is believed to be the main driver of student absenteeism. The transmission of infections within schools can result in infections making students too sick […]

Office Germs getting more dangerous

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How Hand Washing Technique Affects Bacteria Level on Hands

Bloodstream infections (BSI) are one of the most cited complications among hemo-dialysis patients within dialysis units (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017). These types of infectious complications, such as peritonitis, often associated with unhygienic technique and exit-siteinfection. Prevention of exit-site location is largely associated with skin-resident microbes. Approximately 42% of peritonitis episodes are known […]