Workplace Pandemic Preparedness

Hand hygiene adherence platform, these platform guide many people about their hygiene

As countries across the world are cautiously returning to their old routines, the fear of a “second wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic is still tangible. Many workplaces realize now is the time to ensure workplace pandemic preparedness.

Important Information about Hand Hygiene Compliance in the Workplace

The habit of washing hands is indeed one that is hard to implement in any workplace, much as it is needed. In this article we hope to give you important information that will help you succeed in making your workplace a safer and more hygienic environment for yourself, your employees, and ultimately, your customers.

Food workers washed their hands in only 27% of activities

Food Worker Handwashing with water and soap and Food Preparation EHS-Net Study The spread of germs from the hands of food workers to food is a fundamental cause of foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants. It caused 89% of outbreaks in which food workers contaminated food. Proper handwashing with water and soap can reduce germs on […]