Celebrities Worldwide Are Promoting Hand washing Amidst COVID-19

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People often feel like celebrities live in a world wildly different than our own. However, in times of a global pandemic – even top A-listers can’t help but change their ways for the better. In fact, a growing list of celebrities, ranging from movie stars to top musicians, are making an effort to use their fame and influence to get the message across – we have to come together to beat COVID-19. And how do we do that? Social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands, of course! Promoting Hand washing | we have to come together to beat COVID-19! and it is our responsibility to save our world.

Kristen Bell, noted TV and movide star, posted this picture on her Instagram acount, captionning it with “30 SECOND WITH SOAP Y’ALL!”

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The picture shows under a specialized light just how important handwashing really is. In just 30 seconds, most of the glow-in-the-dark substance has been scrubbed off. Pretty impressive for plain soap and water, right?

The Rock, who is no other than Dwayne Johnson, turned to his Instagram as well to promote hand hygiene. He shared a teachable moment with his daughter Tia, melting hearts worldwide. In the video, the rock can be seen singing a song he performed for the hit movie Moana, to make sure that the hand wash lasts the appropriate amount of time. In the viral post, he wrote, “We realized a few weeks ago that the rap portion of the song is perfect timing when getting your little ones to have fun washing their hands. Stay healthy and safe, my friends.”

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Brandon Flowers, The Killers’ frontman, shared a video of himself on the band’s Twitter page washing his hands and singing the iconic “Mr. Brightside” to measure the correct time needed for an optimal cycle. The video was released just a few minutes after the band retweeted a video of a quarantined neighborhood taking comfort in singing the song together, captioning it, “This isn’t real”. The handwashing video of Flowers that soon followed was captioned appropriately – “But this is.”

Handwashing isn’t just about guesses anymore

What these celebs are trying to do is so important to help raise awareness of the hand hygiene problem, which is often invisible. You can’t know who washed their hands and who didn’t. And even amongst those of us who wash their hands, you can’t know who washed their hands as thoroughly as needed. These are issues that need to be made a priority if we want to make advancements in the hand hygiene field and create a safer environment for those around us. Promoting Hand washing | we have to come together to beat COVID-19! and it is our responsibility to save our world.

Here at Soapy, we’ve devised a smart hand hygiene station that scans the hands as you wash them to give you real-time feedback on your hand hygiene technique. The automatic handwash machine dispenses the correct amount of soap and warm water through motion activation and shows you exactly what moves you should perform next for a thorough wash cycle. The CleanMachine, Soapy’s solution for the hand hygiene problem, is equipped with body temperature sensors and a facial recognition feature to help businesses track hygiene techniques and irregular body temperature in their facilities over time. If you want to learn more about the CleanMachine, you can contact us here.

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