Contagious Diseases in the Workplace – How to Prevent Infections

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It is no secret that the workplace often offers a fertile ground to the spread of infectious diseases. The gathering of different people in tight, at times unhygienic settings, can lead to employees contracting contagious diseases in the workplace. No environment is really safe, including the healthcare system, imaginably the one system best equipped to deal with dangerous infections. The WHO wrote, “1 in 10 patients get an infection while receiving care.” Infection prevention is important for our society.

The WHO also wrote, “Effective infection prevention and control reduce health care-associated infections by at least 30%.” It’s clear why businesses should take precautions to ensure their facilities prevent infections. We’re here to help you review a few actions you can take in order to prevent infections in the workplace.

How to prevent infections in the workplace

Businesses need an infection control plan that is as clear to the managers as it is to the rest of the staff. The goal of the plan is to reduce infection rates inside the organization’s facilities. Implementing the plan at the workplace is a process that includes addressing each business’ specific needs. Here are some general guidelines.

Businesses can provide single-use wipes and tissues in order to encourage their use. This helps diminish the number of surfaces unnecessarily contaminated by employees. Some objects which carry the most risk for passing on germs and viruses are not necessary to the workplace, such as magazines in waiting areas.

Businesses can also provide disinfectant wipes to use in common areas, such as the break room, water cooler, conference rooms and so on. These areas have a higher chance of having contaminated surfaces, disinfecting them can help reduce the spread of the disease to others. Surfaces that must be cleaned repeatedly throughout the workday are those in frequent use, such as, doorknobs, phones, kitchens, elevator buttons, cash registers, and more. Infection prevention is important for our society.

Businesses must offer clean and available hand washing facilities. Employees must have access to proper sinks with soap and water in order to maintain a high level of hand hygiene inside work facilities.

This is where automatic handwashing machines, like the CleanMachine, come in handy.

Soapy’s Solution – The CleanMachine

Soapy offers a solution specially tailored to businesses worldwide. The CleanMachine utilizes AI technology to scan the hands and provide handwashing guidance while dispensing the exact amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash cycle. This saves hundreds of dollars a year in soap, water, and electricity. The CleanMachine also has a facial recognition feature, storing both group and individual hand hygiene data on the Soapy Wisdom platform. This allows managers access to hand hygiene trends inside their facilities, as well as a way to ensure each of their employees is washing their hands thoroughly throughout the workday. The CleanMachine is easy to install and use, just ask our customers! If you want to learn more about the CleanMachine, you can contact us here.

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