The smart way to wash hands!

Soapy is a revolutionary healthcare technology that is dedicated to improving hand hygiene. It utilizes three different sensor technologies, including computer vision and sound, to capture more than 100 data parameters from each hand hygiene cycle.

Furthermore, it can analyze and capture user identity, create a cloud report that is available 24/7, and provide a gamification platform to convert challenges into fun. Soapy educates and trains users on best hand hygiene practices, helping prevent infections and reduce hospital-acquired infections.

We have proven results that were validated by hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and ambulatory practices, with hand hygiene adherence reaching over 90%. The main difference between us and the rest is that other technologies measure adherence only, whereas Soapy measures the quality of hand hygiene. Soapy analyzes who, when, where, and how well people wash or sanitize their hands, providing an invaluable healthcare tool to prevent HAIs!

Soapy Wisdom

Only SOAPY’s reporting platform transforms real-time data into actionable Soapy Safety Alerts, Compliance&Quality Reports, as well as maintenance platforms that is device-responsive, customizable, and accessible on-demand.

SOAPY supports your quality, compliance, and conservation goals.

Actionable data is what drives us.

Personal compliance!

SOAPY respects privacy with options for highlighting personal performance. No individual records are stored to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance while providing actionable safety data. Reports are customizable with targeted alerts for maximum impact.

Soapy is serious about personal data


SOAPY’s interactive screens gamify the hand washing process from start to finish, for user engagement, encouragement, and optimal hand wash quality and compliance. When a user ups their score, we all get closer to societal goals. 

Win with Soapy.

Body temp check!

SOAPY adds another layer of protection with the automatic and highly accurate temperature check at every wash. Not only are our washes perfect temperatures, but every wash performs a body temperature check to alert users of potential temperature irregularities.
Customized SOAPY SAFE ALERTS provide early warning to protect against infection.

Soapy is protection.

Soapy tech personify to advertise your brand

Soapy offers a different kind of experience for users. A large screen allows you to leverage your hand hygiene real estate and display personalized message, without compromising the integral handwashing instructions and score.

SOAPY helps you showcase
your important messages.