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The short answer is that soap and water remove germs and viruses from your hands with proper use.

The longer explanation is that we explore the world through our hands and interact with almost every surface and object in our surroundings. We also have a habit of touching our face (our eyes, nose, mouth). That’s when the germs we’ve collected throughout the day can enter our bodies. Additionally – if we touch someone else, the contaminations we have on our hands can spread to other people, too.

Washing hands removes those germs and viruses, helping us combat the spread of infectious diseases.

Yes, people have been washing their hands utilizing the old-fashioned way for years, but we can do it better. How much better? Research suggests over 19% of Norovirus cases could have been prevented if proper hand hygiene was employed. Just because things have been a certain way for a long time does not mean they cannot be improved. Here at Soapy we strive to take part in creating a safer, more hygienic world.

Plastic gloves are not as hygienic as people tend to believe. Because of the false sense of security gloves provide, they are not changed as often as they should be – and quickly become a source for spreading germs and viruses. Carriers of diseases will still spread them with gloves on. Gloves should not be washed and must be stored in particular conditions in order to avoid tearing. There is no way to dispose of the germs on gloves except to throw them away, doing so very carefully in order not to touch the skin, and put new gloves on just as carefully and frequently. Proper and effective handwashing works better as protection against germs and viruses.

The CleanMachine dispenses the exact amount of warm water and soap needed for a perfect wash cycle. This saves up to 60% of reagents and 95% of water otherwise wasted. The smart handwashing station is also efficient in electricity usage, heating only the water needed per each wash so no warm water goes to waste.

Insert your hands into the CleanMachine’s basin and the sensors will recognize the movement and trigger the dispensing of reagent and, if relevant, water. You then need to lather and rinse your hands for the duration indicated by the progress bar and the smart screen until the LED progress panel shows a steady green light.

We have an instructional video demonstrating how to use the CleanMachine. You can see it here.

Yes, 5 units is the minimum quantity per purchase.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we offer nursing homes the opportunity to purchase 3 units instead of 5.

Not yet. The CleanMachine is best suited for scenarios where a large number of people need to wash their hands effectively, such as restaurants, schools, nursing homes, factories and more. In the future, a home-appliance version of the smart hand hygiene station will be available for personal use as well. If you want us to keep you updated, you can fill in your email at the bottom of the page to receive our monthly updates or an update on the availability of the home version.

Yes! We ship everywhere across the globe. Here at Soapy we strive to create a more hygienic world, and that entails delivering our solution to different parts of the world.

To receive a quote for the CleanMachine you can reach our sales personnel here.

The facial recognition feature enables the employer or hygiene attendant to see individual or group handwashing data and trends.

The facial recognition algorithms used in the CleanMachine were developed by Soapy’s team in line with GDPR requirements – not storing personal images at any point.

Yes, we are. The Soapy Wisdom platform is secure, and allows access only to authorized personnel.

Currently, we offer 3 varieties of CleanMachine: CleanMachine, CleanMachine Pro, and CleanMachine Pro Mobile. 

CleanMachine Pro is a more accurate hand washing quality validation and more suitable for compliance-driven businesses and facilities. 

The CleanMachine Pro mobile has an integrated freshwater tank and wastewater collector. 

For more details please contact our or

All of the 3 can be equipped for hand washing or hand sanitizing. 

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Not at the moment. Any CleanMachineis set to enable either washing or sanitizing.