The PERFECT way to wash hands!

The PERFECT way to wash hands!

We make it easy. SOAPY has elevated the entire hand-washing experience! 

We educate users to optimize handwashing to protect multiple industries and public health. 


The World Health Organization (WHO) protocols for proper handwashing and hand sanitizing include specific steps to make sure hands are clean and free of microbes. This is needed for safety and infection free communication with patients. Only SOAPY’s visual tutorials employ AI to educate and score the quality of hand hygiene in real-time. Soapy trains users to improve their hand hygiene technique no matter where they are!

With SOAPY everyone WINS

Perfect temp!

When setting up Soapy for handwashing,  Only SOAPY features PERFECT TEMP handwashing technology that not only dispenses the perfect amount of water, but also the water temperature is set at 100°-110° for the most comfortable and germ & virus free handwashing experience.

Love your wash with SOAPY.

Perfect timing!

Only SOAPY always achieves the most effective and quality hand hygiene with touch-free water, soap or sanitizing liquids triggering. Every step is aligned with a visual tutorial  and WHO-approved timing cues. A SOAPY hand wash is perfectly calibrated to the point where water usage, safety and infection prevention practices meet!

A Soapy wash is safer. Guaranteed.

Good clean fun!

The best drive best results is motivation, no matter the task. Only SOAPY combines color schemes and scoring to make the process of learning and executing proper hand hygiene fun and interactive for adults and children alike. SOAPY is the game changer your healthcare facility needs! Hand Hygiene can be compliant and FUN!

Soapy is a game changer.

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