Good Versus Bad Bacteria

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Are all bacteria bad? There has always been a major misconception that all germs are meant to be “evil” and therefore, need to be terminated by using antimicrobial soaps or other disinfectant solutions. On the contrary, a significant number of microbes present within our internal systems or over the body surface are considered to play a positive role in our homeostasis and defense mechanisms. Interestingly, there are billions of good microorganisms based in different systems of our body.

There are certain species of microbes that build up our immune response to different harmful pathogens. Such beneficial microbes are found within our digestive tract and also help provide a plethora of micronutrients including a multitude of vitamin complexes.

These vitamins boost our immunity, prevent aging, and also control our body metabolism while a lack of them can lead to debilitating disorders. It is a well-known fact that if the beneficial germs are terminated, they can be substituted by their harmful counterparts which leads to the onset of different diseases related to the gut or other body systems. Some of the conditions might include bloody diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, and cancer.

Different types of bacteria in the human digestive system (credit: freepik, macrovector)

This can be potentially caused by the use of antibiotics which can simultaneously kill all bacteria, thereby leading to an imbalance in their populations. Moreover, a substantial imbalance in the population of both types of bacteria can cause the pathogenesis of certain disturbing disorders related to chronic inflammation.

Therefore, the balanced growth of bacteria is much essential for sustaining good health. For this purpose, probiotics or good bacteria may be consumed in our diet to boost the immunity of our body. Good bacteria can even be derived from food sources such as yogurts or cheese. Hence, all bacteria are not to be considered “evil.”

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Author: Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel

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