HAI Prevention Make it More Than a Regulatory Requirement!

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Infections acquired in hospitals are a significant issue, and the healthcare sector has been trying to combat this problem for decades. Despite numerous efforts to prevent these infections, it remains a persistent challenge, with millions of patients affected each year. How we can make HAI prevention more than a regulatory requirement!

Recently, many countries have introduced new regulations to improve hospital infection prevention. These regulations require hospitals to adopt strict protocols for intelligent hand hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection, among other things. Hospitals must also report their infection rates to regulatory bodies, which are then made public. Increased transparency and accountability are expected to force hospitals to take the necessary steps to prevent infections.

Soapy Pro Units installed in a medical facility
Two hand-washing Soapy Pro installed, one next to the other.

However, these regulations are not a substitute for a cultural shift. The healthcare sector must prioritize infection prevention as an integral part of its organizational culture. Hospitals should promote a culture of safety where everyone is responsible for infection prevention, from the cleaners to the doctors. Staff should receive regular training on infection prevention and should be provided with the necessary resources to carry out their work effectively.

Hospitals must recognize that infection prevention is not just about compliance with regulations but it is also about support, positioning, strategy, vision, and patient safety. Patients expect to be treated in a safe and clean environment, while the clinical team expects to be empowered and recognized. Hospitals must work to meet this expectation. Hospitals that prioritize infection prevention as a cultural value will see a reduction in infections and will ultimately provide better patient care.

In conclusion, while new regulations are essential in promoting infection prevention, they are insufficient. A cultural shift towards infection prevention is necessary for hospitals to combat this persistent problem effectively. Hospital leadership must prioritize infection prevention as a cultural value to provide safer and better care to patients.

Combined with Soapy Wisdom, an innovative software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in hand hygiene compliance – make hand hygiene intelligent and insightful.

This information that is analyzed and collected should support the user 1st, way before it is converted into a leadership report. It should be used to identify areas where additional training or reinforcement is needed. To support the clinical team help to develop strategies for improving overall compliance rates. Use data to empower and elevate end users and not only to support reports efforts.

The leadership team can use the right approach to ensure that all members follow proper hand hygiene protocols by implementing an intelligent hand hygiene tech. This not only helps to prevent the spread of infection but also helps to maintain motivation for infection control practices.

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