Hand Hygiene For Infection Prevention

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Hand Hygiene and Resistance against Antimicrobial Drugs
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Drug Resistance, Hand Hygiene against Antimicrobial Drugs

Hand hygiene for infection prevention is very important. Microbes including bacteria and viruses can adapt to resist different germ-killing drugs. The effectiveness of antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-parasitic drugs is now being increasingly challenged due to the development of drug-resistant organisms. This is expected to render several common microbial infections potentially untreatable. It is being speculated that if the alarming growth of drug resistance is not addressed, this may potentiate a collapse of the global healthcare system. Hand Hygiene and Resistance against Antimicrobial Drugs is something we need to care about.

Hand Hygiene and Resistance against Antimicrobial Drugs
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Healthcare costs

Healthcare costs to tackle the implications of drug resistance have reached billions of dollars. Root cause analysis reveals that the lack of hygienic measures is an important reason behind the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance. Team Soapy is determined to raise awareness of measures related to hand hygiene that can be implemented in our daily lives. A good compliance to hand hygiene is the key in preventing communicable infections. There is also a need to improve our handwashing technique. Handwashing before and after meals can substantially reduce the transmission of several harmful bugs which also include multidrug resistant superbugs. In particular, spread of drug-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus has been shown to slow down upon boosting the quality of hand hygiene in healthcare centers.

Soapy is determined to collaborate with several healthcare facilities to spread awareness regarding hand hygiene. Soapy offers the installation of several hand sanitizer stands and hand-washing stations in hospitals and clinics where doctors and patients are prone to hospital-acquired infections. We are educating healthcare teams globally to adopt the most accurate hand-washing steps. The Soapy hand sanitizer stands and Soapy hand-washing stations are aimed at minimizing the overall rate of hospital infections. Hand hygiene for infection prevention is most necessary.

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Author: Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel

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