Hand Hygiene In The Workplace

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With many countries opening businesses again amidst the COVID-19 crisis, hand hygiene in the workplace is becoming more and more crucial to the well-being of employees. Leaders in management positions must take extra steps in such times to avoid an outbreak in the workplace, ensuring the safety of their teams.

Hand hygiene isn’t just about safety – it’s also about money. A study has shown France loses around 14 billion Euros a year because of bad hygiene, as it affects sick days and time being unproductive at work. Money is also literally flushed down the drain when employees waste too many resources for every wash cycle. Studies suggest people usually use 12 cups of water for every wash cycle – when you really only need 1! Soapy created a smart hygiene station that dispenses the correct amount of soap and water used, saving valuable resources and money, while also keeping hands clean.

There are a number of steps employers can take to help their teams avoid an outbreak of COVID-19, as well as other dangerous viruses, inside the office.

For one, employers can encourage days off if a staff member is feeling unwell. Previously frowned upon in most places of work, working from home or taking a few days off due to an illness is essential in stopping the spread of diseases. Staff members must understand that it’s their responsibility to help keep the office a germ-free space, and arriving at work with a fever is against the new norms. , Hand hygiene in the workplace is becoming more and more crucial to the well-being of employees.

Employers must also educate their teams on hygiene in the workplace. People congregate in offices, whether it be the break room, the water cooler, or simply having a work booth that is close to others. Touching any of the surfaces previously touched or sprayed with fluids in one way or another may result in contracting COVID-19 and other illnesses. Employers can enlist soap and water to fight the spread, with soap dissolving the structure of the virus. Employees must be reminded to wash their hands periodically, thoroughly covering all areas of the skin. We have a free downloadable pamphlet with clear instructions on how to properly wash hands. Hand hygiene in the workplace is becoming more and more crucial to the well-being of employees.

Employers who wish to follow a high standard of hand hygiene in the workplace can use Soapy’s help. Soapy has a facial recognition feature, storing important data on the Soapy Wisdom platform where managers have access to both group and individual user information. That way employers can know for sure if employees washed their hands and how thoroughly throughout the workday. Soapy utilizes AI technology to track hand movements while washing, highlighting problem areas on the skin. The smart system also dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed, saving up to 65% of reagents otherwise used by large institutions and 90% of water.

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