How Coronavirus Has Made Your Food Cleaner

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Patient safety is very important because they are very sensitive in nature due to severe diseases. Back in the days of the black plague, people changed their habits to avoid getting sick. Instead of kissing another person’s hands or cheeks in greeting, they turned instead to handshakes, understanding vaguely the vital role sensitive areas on our face have in the spread of transmittable diseases.

Today, knowing what we know, we understand our hands are at risk too, because they can easily contaminate other surfaces, objects, and pass the germs and viruses into the body when we touch our face.

Much like in the days of the black plague, we need to change our habits. Elbow-bumping is a nice replacement for handshakes – but we’re talking about a deeper change. We can continue to touch things and explore the world freely, as long as we make sure our hands stay clean.

Elbow-bumping, illustration

Keeping a higher hand hygiene standard is of utmost importance in the fight against dangerous germs and viruses. Soap dissolves many viruses’ structure, and its consistency allows water to wash away unwanted germs. Washing hands is one of the few widely agreed-upon methods to stop the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world.

There is no doubt the coronavirus outbreak has changed the world. The food industry has also been affected – but, perhaps, for the better. “Employees are starting to catch on to what we knew for years,” told us an anonymous source inside the food industry. “While in the past, they didn’t understand why they should wash their hands and overlooked a major part of procedures, employees in the food industry today understand that they have a responsibility towards the consumer.”

It’s not only the customer receiving the end product that employees are worried about, though. “They’re worried about catching the virus themselves, about passing it on to their families, and as a result, they’re washing hands more than ever before.” Patient safety is very important because they are very sensitive in nature due to severe diseases.

The source added, “Nowadays, food might be the cleanest it’s ever been.” The coronavirus outbreak has shown employees what managers have tried to make them understand through protocols for years. It’s helped the food industry as a whole step up to the challenge of creating safer, more hygienic products, foods, and meals. Although we hope a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19 will be available in the near future, the coronavirus has shown us that hand hygiene is more than just a passing fad – it has to do with human lives everywhere.

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