How To Wear Glasses With Face Masks – The Right Way

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Infection prevention

Infection prevention is important for our society. Although some people still struggle with wearing face masks, it seems like they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future. Face masks are extremely important in the fight against the spread of the dangerous coronavirus, but it isn’t always comfy to be responsible. Face masks can be uncomfortable, to say the least. They’re suffocating, cause itchiness, and much more. However, those of us who are truly suffering from the constant presence on our faces are those with glasses.

“It’s absolutely terrible,” told us a frustrated young woman, who has been wearing glasses since a very young age. “I’ve never before even considered turning to laser eye surgery – but now I feel like it’s unavoidable!”

Glasses tend to fog up due to the humidity of the breath caught in the mask. This did not escape the notice of the internet, and multiple jokes have ensued.

Infection prevention

We’ve gathered some great tips to help you wear your face mask – and your glasses – the right way

Infection prevention

1. Tape it down!

Ensuring your glasses stay firmly above your face mask helps the glass become less foggy. Some people have resorted to actually taping the masks down, while others simply shape the metal portion carefully and position their glasses above it. Infection prevention is important for our society.

2. Breathe different

We can’t believe we’re saying this – but you’ve got to learn to breathe in a way that doesn’t lift the vapors up towards your glasses. You can do so by jutting out your upper lip while breathing. Hey, you’re the one who asked us what works!

3. Rub some soap on it

Crazy trick – but it works. Take a bit of soap, preferably a bar soap, and rub some on both sides of the lens. This helps the glass stay clear and not fog up because of your breath.

4. Using alternatives

We’re all attached to our glasses. They’re one of our main features, and they are much easier to wear than anything else. However, just for the time being, they are not as comfortable to use as they have been in the past. This could be a good time to try using contact lenses, or try to see if you are qualified for laser eye surgery. You can contact your local pharmacy to inquire about the kinds of contact lenses they keep. Infection prevention is important for our society.

Infection prevention

Despite being uncomfortable, masks have a huge role in keeping the virus from spreading. We need to remember to practice other safety measures as well, such as social distancing and hand washing. When we wear glasses, we tend to touch our faces a lot more to adjust our glasses – a risk during these COVID-19 times. Try to be aware of where your hands have been and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face. We’ll get through this pandemic – together.

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