Israel Hayom: “Israeli startup Soapy Care steps in to help stop COVID spread in India”

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The CleanMachine, Soapy’s automatic hand wash station, was installed locally for patient safety. Israel Hayom wrote about our work in India, where we strive to provide good sanitation infrastructure to all. The CleanMachine, our automatic personal hand wash station, was installed in various locations throughout local schools to keep the children and staff safe from hand-borne diseases.

According to official reports, every year 334,000 children die in India due to diarrhoeal diseases, which are easily passed through unclean hands. India has the highest death rate for children under five in the world, 37 per 1,000 live births. Good hand hygiene can, does and will save lives.

The article states, “The handwashing stations have been set up in far-flung villages that suffer from high rates of child mortality from intestinal diseases spread through unclean hands. Soapy Care’s technology uses computerized vision based on artificial intelligence (AI) to determine whether or not a person’s hands have been effectively cleaned of germs and viruses, and whether the user has washed the backs of their hands, as well as their palms. The stations also take the users’ temperature, thus identifying possible COVID-19 symptoms.” Children rely on us adults to help them learn good hand hygiene habits – and the CleanMachine is one of the best ways to do so, utilizing advanced technologies so that hand hygiene is practiced perfectly. The CleanMachine, Soapy’s automatic hand wash station, was installed locally for patient safety.

Soapy was created with the Earth first, emphasizing measurable resource conservation. The article in Israel Hayom stated, “Soapy Care’s hygiene stations are water-efficient and use approximately one glass of water to perform an effective wash, compared to the 12 glasses used when washing hands under an ordinary tap.” The machine saves up to 60% of reagents wasted otherwise and is considerably efficient in electricity used to warm the water when compared with other forms of heating. The smart handwashing machine dispenses the exact amount of soap and warm water needed for a perfect wash. Warm water to wash hands not only increases compliance due to comfort, but also helps the soap froth better, and is currently recommended by the FDA.

The article quotes Max Simonovsky, Soapy’s founder and CEO, “The model we have led to make a major contribution to the international community allows the project to continue for a long time, because it does not depend on donations. Our customers can be partners in reducing illnesses among children and adults throughout the world. We have man other stations that have already been sent to India and will soon be set up in other rural areas, and in neighborhoods in New Delhi.”

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