Job Burnout and Hand hygiene adherence research – Let’s Talk About It

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The hand hygiene adherence research is our responsibility to know about it. Job burnout is a type of work-related stress, manifests in physical or emotional exhaustion. It causes employees to have a reduced sense of accomplishment and can sometimes even lead to a loss of personal identity.  Employees who suffer from job burnout have a higher chance of becoming apathetic to many workplace protocols, including hand hygiene protocols.

In a recent study that examined hand hygiene practices with nurses experiencing job burnout, nurses that reported higher levels of burnout were less likely to comply with hand hygiene protocols. The study concluded, “This study showed that burnout contributes to suboptimal care by reducing compliance to hand hygiene among nurses. Given the crucial role of hand hygiene compliance for the prevention of in-hospital infections, this study highlights the need for interventions targeting the prevention of burnout among nursing staff.” Hand hygiene adherence research and spreading awareness in people is our responsibility.

Nurses are not the only working population that needs help with handling job burnout as it affects the quality of their work. The food industry, handling consumable products, nursing homes caring for elderly patients, and many more businesses and organizations need to ensure their employees are getting the help they need to provide the safest product and services.

What can cause job burnout and what can companies do about it?

Lack of resources

Employees may feel like they do not have access to the right resources to help them do their job optimally. Companies need to have an open dialogue with employees regarding the resources they need to feel like they can do a good job.  

Lack of control

Employees may feel like they are unable to influence their work-life, rendering them powerless. Decisions such as assignments or workload can be made through an open discussion between managers and employees, as well as allowing employees a certain level of freedom in creating their work schedule.  

Job expectations

Unclear job expectations can cause burnout, with personal resources oriented toward achieving an unrealistic standard. Employers need to be clear about what the expectations are according to each job description.  


Some workplaces have an extremity of activity, with long, innate periods followed by chaotic, demanding times. Sprinting back and forth can cause employees to feel unfocused due to a lack of constant energy levels. A better understanding of employee’s needs can help create more accommodating shifts, which can help with managing energy levels.

Lack of social support

Social support at work, as well as in their personal lives, can cause employees to feel stressed. Many companies offer consultations and HR involvement in some cases of workplace isolation.

Soapy’s solution

The CleanMachine is a time-saving, accessible solution that allows thorough hand washing in busy work settings. The CleanMachine dispenses the exact amount of soap and warm water needed for a perfect wash cycle, utilizing motion sensors and AI technology to ensure a comprehensive wash every time.Hand hygiene adherence research and spreading awareness in people is our responsibility.

It also has a facial recognition feature, allowing managers to track how many times their employees had washed their hands throughout the workday and at what quality. Companies addressing burnout issues that clash with hand hygiene standards in their facilities can employ the CleanMachine as a way to enable accessible handwashing solutions to their employees. If you want to learn more about the CleanMachine, you can contact us here.

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