Meet Soapy’s Team: Alex Orlovsky #WhyWeWash

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Meet Soapy’s Team member: Alex Orlovsky, Soapy’s CTO and co-founder.

Meet Soapy’s Team Partner

A little about me

Meet Soapy’s Team member and know about it. “I’ve always loved computers. That’s not really a shocker.  It has always been my dream to work with computers, ever since I was a kid. I attended computer classes in high school, studied programming, and worked at Intel as a college student. But my biggest dream was to combine my programming skills with entrepreneurship. Over the years I worked at several cutting edge start-ups, but I kept trying to develop my own side projects too. During my Master’s degree, I met Max. I asked him for a ride home and we started chatting on the way. The rest is history.

Being a CTO

As a CTO, I’m in charge of the technology we develop and apply. In a nutshell, my job is to make sure that technological settings work perfectly, whether it is the correct incorporation of demands into a high-level design or finding the best technological solution for our day to day challenges, and ensuring the quality of every hardware and software particle that goes into our product. It is a very interesting job because it covers many technological aspects.

Meet Soapy’s Team member

Getting work done

I love everything we do here at Soapy. Not only the technologies we use but also the wonderful people at the office. We get so much done here, it’s a great challenge. At the end of the day I want to do everything I can to get the best product out there, and that is challenging, honest work.

My great satisfaction is that we get to impact hand hygiene awareness. I think that the facial recognition feature we have in the CleanMachine motivates people even further to wash their hands better by providing a score, contributing to their health. I think in the near future everyone will be a lot more hand hygiene aware, that’s the direction the world is heading to. Meet Soapy’s Team members read the full text and know about.

Know about & Meet Soapy’s Team member

Why We Wash

Washing hands profoundly helps avoid the spread of diseases. It’s part of my routine now, washing my hands at the right opportunities and practicing the right movements.

Having my hands clean just feels better. I also care about the people I love, and nowadays I influence my family and friends to improve their handwashing techniques.”

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