Meet Soapy’s Team: David Iakobidze #WhyWeWash

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Soapy’s Team: David Iakobidze, software engineer at Soapy.

A little about me

Soapy’s Team

“I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’ve always liked technology and loved mathematics, so I mixed those two things and decided to become a programmer. I started studying computer science at Tbilisi State University and got a Masters’s degree in the subject.

Being a software engineer

Essentially, my job is adding new software features and supporting them. I find it very interesting, every working day is full of challenges. I feel like working on IoT is a lot like playing, testing out new things, and succeeding, and it makes me happy.

Getting work done

I started working at Soapy about one year ago. I work remotely from Georgia, which is exactly what I wanted.

The thing I like most about working at Soapy is making something that helps people. I feel like we are actually saving lives. We use many software technologies here at Soapy and combined with IoT it almost feels like magic. Our project is so unique, I’m constantly growing along with it.

Soapy’s Team: Did you know about it

Why we wash

Since starting to work for Soapy, I try to wash my hands more frequently than I did before. I pay a lot more attention to it now. Nowadays good health relies on good hygiene. With the COVID-19 outbreak, we saw how important hygiene is. Meet Soapy’s Team: David Iakobidze and did you know about it? to know about it read the full text.

Having clean hands means that me and the people around me are safe. It’s so important to wash your hands thoroughly, mindfully, not just rinse them without giving it a thought.”

Interested in a Soapy Clean Machine?

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