Meet Soapy’s Team: Jane Shpits #WhyWeWash

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Meet Soapy’s Team member, Jane Shpits, Soapy’s Operation Manager.

A little about me

“I’m Jane, operation manager here at Soapy, mother of two adorable boys and married to Ilya. Originally, I was born in Kishinev and I came to Israel when I was eight years old. I served in the Israeli Navy as a software developer and SAP Implementer for six years.

I come from a technical background – software R&D management, SaaS product management and so on. After having my second kid I become an entrepreneur trying build a co-working space for moms and other projects. The first time I heard of Soapy was in a podcast, while looking for funding for my last company. I was super excited about it, thinking how cool the idea was. I was telling my friends and family that day about this cool start-up and later on discover I had a friend working there. He said that they were looking for an Operation manager, and Ilya really backed me up and encouraged me to join. Meet Soapy’s Team. Jane, Soapy’s operation manager, and learn a bit more about her hand hygiene routine and daily life.

Being an operation manager

I’m in charge of operation management. That means I’m really good at providing everyone in the company with everything they need in order to do their jobs. Even if it means creating it from scratch. I discovered my love for hardware here, and I have a lot of opportunities to be a part of the design and engineering process here, even installations.

Getting work done

I love working at Soapy because we get to create something tangible. I’m passionate about creating things, it’s a whole new world for me and I keep learning and growing. I also really like working with the whole team, it’s fun to work with everyone and we have a great dynamic together. Everyone here helps everyone else and try out a lot of different things. I especially appreciate our brainstorming together. Meet Soapy’s Team. Jane, Soapy’s operation manager, and learn a bit more about her hand hygiene routine and daily life.

Meet Soapy’s Team member, Jane, Soapy’s operation manage

Why we wash

I pay a lot more attention to hand hygiene after starting to work at Soapy. I think the education system can really use Soapy’s creation, children are such a vulnerable population. My son is so excited about me “creating a hand washing robot”. Just watching him, you understand how much he enjoys the hand washing process with Soapy’s “Robot”. Children avoid unpleasant activities, that is why Soapy could help kids everywhere, especially when they are gathered in large numbers. It’s so important to keep them safe, and we don’t do that enough, even though we’re part of an “advanced” country.

Hand hygiene is really part of my routine. I took care of my mom at the hospital and had to wash my hands after touching every single surface, wanting to keep her safe. I understand hand hygiene shouldn’t be practiced at “special times”, but every day, at regular intervals, in order to keep us safe.”

Meet Soapy's Team

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