Meet Soapy’s Team: Netta Stahl #WhyWeWash

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Hand hygiene adherence system, and meet Soapy’s Team partner: Netta, Soapy’s marketing manager.

Hand hygiene adherence system

A little bit about me

“I’ve been working in start-ups for the last three years, mainly in sales and marketing. My bachelor’s degree is in music and my Master in business management. I consider myself an entrepreneur.

Being a marketing manager

As a marketing manager, I’m responsible for understanding clients’ needs, supervising visual or textual content, our branding, reaching out to potential clients “where they are” and more. I feel like marketing and sales sometimes get a bad rep, and they really shouldn’t. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.

I make sure we’re one hundred percent honest with our customers, that they know exactly what they’re going to get and are happy with it. Being honest and straightforward is one of the things we will always do here in Soapy no matter what.

Hand hygiene adherence system

Getting work done

I was really excited about Soapy’s idea, and I actually started as a volunteer here on the team. I reached out to Max and said, you’re doing something interesting and worthwhile, and I want to be a part of that. Eventually, I was hired, and I’m glad I was officially made part of the team. Hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.

I get to try a lot of new things at Soapy, whether it be talking to different clients, understanding storytelling in the deepest levels, branding, or working with the latest marketing technologies. I feel like I’m getting to take my skills to the next level here, I’m getting to really do my best.

I try to work in companies that have a positive impact on the world. Soapy’s product is innovative and creative, and most importantly, it affects people’s health. It’s exactly the kind of product I want to help bring to the rest of the world.

I love the people I work with here at Soapy and the atmosphere of the company. You’re expected to bring your own ideas, it’s such an enriching environment where everybody has ideas and we back each other up. Everyone here takes their job very seriously and it’s so fun to work with highly motivated people. This job has meaning, real meaning and I get to improve myself every day.

Hand hygiene adherence system- it’s actually important

I didn’t really think too much about hand hygiene before working at Soapy. Now every time I wash my hands I think to myself “Don’t forget the backs of the hands, in between the fingers…” I think about it a lot more than I did before. With the coronavirus outbreak, washing hands was one of the only solutions everyone agreed on to help slow the spread. I understand that on a deeper level now that I work at Soapy, and I might’ve not taken it as seriously had I not been working here. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.


Every time I think about the people I’m going to come into contact with, I feel compelled to wash my hands that much better. It’s not just about me anymore – it’s about their health too. If I bring a snack into work I really pay attention to washing my hands before packing and unpacking it in the office kitchen, because I want the rest of the team to stay healthy. When I visit my grandparents I pay so much attention to how I wash my hands. They have alco-gel stations at their assisted-living complex, but I don’t trust that as much because I know it isn’t as effective as hand washing. When I come to visit them I want to make sure that they stay healthy, as much as I can, so I wash my hands. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility to know about it.

I think about what my hands are going to do next when I wash my hands, and I know it’s going to affect everyone around me, so I do it more thoroughly than ever before.”

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