Meet Soapy’s Team: Ofir Broides-Vavker #WhyWeWash

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Meet Soapy’s Team Member, Ofir Broides-Vavker, Soapy’s Content Writer.

Meet Soapy’s Team Member | Ofir Broides-Vavker,

A little about me

“I’ve loved writing ever since I can remember. I’m a strong believer in the power words have – words can change the way people see the world, and ultimately the way they interact with it. During high-school I was a teen reporter in “Ma’ariv Lanoar”, a popular teen magazine in Israel. When I started my bachelor’s degree in Education I looked for a job I could balance at the same time as college – and that’s when I fell in love with content writing. I’ve worked as a content writer and manager for a few businesses now, and I can’t see myself ever putting my pen down.

Being a content writer

Content writing is usually a subdivision of marketing. It involves finding the right facts and providing the most accurate information you can about a given subject through an article, while also making the article readable and easy to understand. Working for Soapy, there’s never a dull moment – I get to write about so many interesting things! Meet Soapy’s Team member she is a very good content writer.

Getting work done

I love Soapy’s message and vision – it makes all of the efforts I put into my work worth it. We’re making the world a better place, and that’s why I’m so happy to come in to work every morning. I feel like throughout history modern solutions intimidated people, and sometimes I worry our solution is so innovative people won’t accept it at first. Even in Israel, when refrigerators first started out the people selling ice had a huge protest about it being dangerous and putting them out of business, but no one can imagine our lives without them now. Inventions – and change in general – can be intimidating, but they ultimately change the world for the better. Working for Soapy, I feel like I have a front-row seat to history in the making.

Meet Soapy’s Team Member | Ofir Broides-Vavker,

Why we wash

When I wash my hands, I think about my family and friends – everyone I’m going to come into contact with. I’m close with a few people who are considered immune-compromised, I love them with all of my heart and I would never want to put them at risk. I even follow the correct hand movements when I wash my hands in my dreams! It’s hilarious.

Before working at Soapy, I didn’t realize how important it is to wash your hands properly. I kind of shrugged it off, thinking people got by hundreds of years so far without giving it too much thought, so why should I? Boy, was I wrong? Meet Soapy’s Team member she is a very good content writer.

With a little research, I realized people didn’t wash their hands well in the past, and diseases spread because of it. People died because of it. Just because it’s always been like that doesn’t mean we can’t improve it.”

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