Microbes on your Mobile Phones

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Footprint of microbes

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Microbes on your Mobile Phones. The macroscopic footprint of microbes in our surroundings is an inevitable reality, and even the objects of our routine use are not an exception to this case.

Microbes are abundantly found over the surface of several objects which seemingly appear to be “germ-free.” These commonly used equipment are often inclusive of cellular phones which are now considered an important tool for transmitting bugs implicated in boosting the pandemics.

Mobile phones can potentially transmit bacteria and viruses from person-to-person owing to poor standards of hand hygiene, especially in medical centers.

Harmful mutations

Analyzing the mobile phones of healthcare professionals has led to the isolation of hundreds to thousands of different bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Several of these carry harmful mutations which provide resistance against antimicrobial medications.

These pathogens are well capable of causing chest infections e.g., pneumonia, cardiac infections, and gastrointestinal upset. This broadly indicates the role of mobile phones as carriers of significantly threatening strains of microbes.

Cellular devices ideal source of germs

(credit: Freepick)

The fact which makes cellular devices an ideal source of germs is that speaking into them can cause the deposition of droplets over their surface which carry a plethora of germs. Moreover,lack of hand hygiene compliance and inadequate hand-washing is also responsible for contaminating phone screens.

Despite the phones being exposed to such sources of contamination, they are only rarely disinfected which further increases the probability of spreading hospital infections.

How to avoid the contamination of our phones?

The only effective measure to avoid contamination of our phones is to ensure their regular cleansing by using reliable disinfectant solutions. Unfortunately, the level of awareness in this perspective is not as substantial as in the case of washing hands.

Moreover, the Soapy hand sanitizer stands and Soapy hand-washing stations are aimed at minimizing the overall rate of hospital infections by improving the quality of hand hygiene. This can substantially reduce the microbial footprint associated with cell phones as well as their transmission.

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Author: Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel

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