New Israeli technology suppresses hospital-associated infection

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A publication by MAARIV speaks about how new Israeli technology suppresses hospital-associated infections.


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, preventing infections and ensuring patient safety are paramount. That’s where the start-up SOAPY steps in, offering an innovative solution to combat infectious diseases in healthcare facilities or, as we call it HAIs. Collaborating with renowned medical centers worldwide, SOAPY has revolutionized hand hygiene, earning accolades for its groundbreaking approach.

Reducing Infections, Saving Lives

SOAPY’s cutting-edge handwashing stations have been deployed in esteemed medical institutions in Israel, the US, and the latest deployments in Hospitals in Milan. With an impressive track record, these installations have significantly reduced infectious disease transmission by up to 70% (get in touch for the white paper).

At the core of SOAPY’s success lies the technology’s ability to generate a comprehensive handwashing quality index. By capturing and analyzing over 100 different parameters during handwashing, Soapy ensures the highest hygiene standards. Motion, speed, friction, body temperature, and more are meticulously evaluated and stored in a dedicated cloud application, providing hygiene-level and quality reports and preserving critical information.

Visual feedback on the system display that is - Adoption of Soapy's tech in Santagostino

The Cost-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly technology of Soapy not only prioritizes patient safety but also optimizes resource consumption. Using advanced sensing technologies, Soapy enables improved consumption of disinfectants, soap, and water, leading to operational cost savings. This dual benefit of cost-efficiency and environmental responsibility makes Soapy a game-changer in modern healthcare hygiene.

Funding and Recognition

Recognizing the potential of this groundbreaking solution, Soapy has attracted substantial investments of more than $5 million. Sarona Ventures, Altair Capital, Taiwan Lang, as well as private investors, recognized the potential of the new Israeli technology that can suppress hospital-associated infection. “It is a must in the future to which we are heading”, Said Toot Shani, Partner in Sarona ventures. With the support of these visionary backers, Sopay is constantly expanding its operations in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Hygiene

Soapy’s technology seamlessly integrates data collection and analysis during handwashing or disinfection, prioritizing the user experience. Users receive real-time feedback on the cleanliness of their hands through an educational visual interface. The system combines many sensing technologies. Powered with artificial intelligence and analyzes data in real-time, eliminating the need for cloud or external processing sources.

Breaking new ground, Soapy recently achieved a milestone installation in Europe. The obstetrics department of Mangiagalli – Milan Polyclinic became the first European medical facility to benefit from Soapy’s advanced handwashing stations. This achievement solidifies Soapy’s commitment to global expansion and underscores the growing demand for its revolutionary solution.

Soapy’s game-changing hand hygiene and infection prevention approach has garnered worldwide attention. With a proven track record of reducing infections and saving lives, Soapy will continue revolutionizing healthcare facilities. With ongoing support from investors and a growing global presence, Soapy remains dedicated to creating a safer and healthier future for patients and healthcare professionals.

The original Maarive article about New Israeli technology suppresses hospital-associated infection – Maariv article

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