Soapy - The Best Handwashing Experience

Kids will be kids. They will explore, play and learn using all of their senses, without giving much thought to the secret dangers of day to day activities. It is our job as adults to provide children with a safe environment, utilizing infrastructure and habits that ensure our kids’ health and happiness. Only Soapy protects health, resources, and the most vulnerable.

Easy To Install

"Plug and Play" set up, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electricity connection, and a local Wi-Fi network


ROI within 12 months through savings on water, soap, and electricity

IOT Powered

Obtains real-time handwashing quality reports for all users


Adheres to the World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines

Water Saving

Reduces water consumption by 95%

Zero Touch

Hands-free triggering system eliminates contamination at the point of use
Hand Hygiene In Schools

Children explore the world by gesturing, feeling and interacting with their physical environment using all senses, particularly the sense of touch. This habit, coupled with an unawareness of hand-hygiene, is the cause of the spreading of many germs and viruses in our school system. Children’s immune systems are not fully evolved and might not fight off infections as efficiently as an adult’s, making them vulnerable when it comes to infectious diseases. 

To fight off dangerous germs and viruses, schools must make sure their students adhere to a high standard of hand-hygiene. This can be achieved by ensuring every student performs a thorough hand wash periodically. Other than educating students on the importance of hand washing in combating the spread of diseases, schools can now offer a proactive solution.

How Soapy Can Help Schools
The Best Way To Wash Hands – The CleanMachine™

Only Soapy has the science and technology for safety, quality and compliance.

Soapy’s CleanMachineutilizes AI technology to provide insight on hand wash quality and hygiene compliance. The smart handwashing machine dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash, saving institutions up to 65% of soap and 90% of water otherwise wasted. The CleanMachine has a face recognition feature, storing the data on the secure Soapy Wisdom platform. This feature can help principals and teachers track hand-hygiene trends in their schools, as well as ensure all of their students washed their hands properly at the relevant times.

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