Soapy - The Best Handwashing Experience

The Food Industry must maintain a high standard of hand hygiene in all facilities at all times. Only Soapy’s CleanMachine™ has the science and technology for safety, quality and compliance. With Soapy’s help managers can ensure a thorough wash cycle every time, gather important hand hygiene data in their facilities, and monitor when each employee washed their hands.

Easy To Install

"Plug and Play" set up, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electricity connection, and a local Wi-Fi network


ROI within 12 months through savings on water, soap, and electricity

IOT Powered

Obtains real-time handwashing quality reports for all users


Adheres to the World Health Organization hand hygiene guidelines

Water Saving

Reduces water consumption by 95%

Zero Touch

Hands-free triggering system eliminates contamination at the point of use
Hand Hygiene Challenges In
The Food Industry

The food industry has been growing rapidly over the last decade. Never before have people had the number of options we have now when it comes to choosing, storing, and preparing food. However, with great power comes great responsibility – the food industry can spread diseases to masses of people more rapidly than ever.

Public health is the main concern for food industries nowadays. Millions of dollars are wasted in lawsuits every year in the food industry, filed by angry customers demanding a higher level of hygiene from the industry. To align facilities with higher hygiene-compliance standards and avoid preventable crises, the food industry must adjust and overcome obstacles. Managers in the food industry are faced with great challenges, such as educating and ensuring their staff members are compliant with current hygiene regulations.

How Soapy Can Help Your Business
The Best Way To Wash Hands – The CleanMachine™

Only Soapy has the science and technology for safety, quality and compliance.

Hand hygiene is of utmost importance. The spread of deadly germs and viruses can be halted with simple soap and water, which dissolve germs’ and viruses’ structure. Proper hand washing is vital in creating a safe work environment for food to be prepared in. 

Soapy’s CleanMachine utilizes AI technology to provide insight on hand wash quality and employee hygiene compliance by scanning the hands and rating each wash cycle. The smart handwashing machine dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash, saving institutions up to 65% of soap and 90% of water otherwise wasted. The CleanMachine has a face recognition feature, storing important hand-hygiene data on the Soapy Wisdom platform through the local Wi-Fi network. This helps managers track hand hygiene trends in their facilities, analyzing both individual and group user records. 

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