Leadership Team

We are in the business of making the world better—one hand wash at a time!
Max and Alex became friends while pursuing their MBAs because they agreed that they wanted to use their education to make the world a better place.
Two years and many prototypes later – SOAPY was born.

Max Simonovsky

Inspired by his son, Max leveraged his medical background and inventor’s spirit to create SOAPY and become a change agent for good. A true visionary, Max lives five years in the future and pushes Soapy to constantly innovate and to operate with purpose.

Alex Orlovsky

With his technical background and a “Let’s Build It” approach, Alex believes science will solve real-world problems, protect the earth, and save lives. He is the vision and champion behind the many high-tech features and the SOAPY WISDOM platform that are proprietary and support SOAPY’s healthy hand-washing mission
Our Purpose & Mission

According to the United Nations, three billion people lack access to basic hand hygiene facilities. 300,000 Children die each year from disease linked to inadequate hygiene. It is estimated these diseases could be reduced by 50% with simple hand hygiene access and consistent usage. The world has learned that all populations are at high risk of disease and in need of innovative technologies and protocols for a safer world. Everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves access to quality hand washing to prevent disease and protect health. At SOAPY, we know a CLEANER world is a BETTER world.

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