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Infection prevention monitoring

Infection prevention monitoring is our responsibility. Earth day is a day dedicated to protecting the environment. Each year has a prominent theme, and for 2021 it’s “Restore Our Earth” – focusing on natural processes and emerging green technologies.

The tradition of celebrating Earth Day started with Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, back in 1970. With a lot of effort, Senator Nelson created Earth Day to try and bring the environment to the front of the national agenda. In order to establish Earth Day, 20 million Americans protested all over the states! Thanks to those brave protesters and Senator Nelson’s hard work, the world has celebrated Earth Day every year since 1970 on April 22nd.

Every year, EARTHDAY.ORG (previously Earth Day Network) creates events, summits, workshops, and more, all aimed to show how humans affect the Earth, and how we can work together to save it.

Humans have a drastic impact on the Earth we live in. Overpopulation and rapid production rates of consumable goods have led to massive fossil fuels, deforestation, and pollution. These changes have influenced air quality, water supplies, soil erosion, climate change, and ecosystems everywhere.

Infection prevention monitoring

Resource Conservation On Earth Day

Resource conservation means using finite resources in a sustainable manner so that these resources can still be available for future generations ahead. There is a difference between conservation and preservation – conservation has more to do with using nature’s resources responsibly, while preservation refers to protecting nature from humans.

Save Water, Wash Hands, Save Lives

Water is such a resource. Although we may feel like we have all the water we could want, that’s hardly true. Clean fresh water is indeed a limited resource, one to which not everyone has access. In some parts of the world, a person is allotted only 3 gallons of water a day. In other parts, 3 gallons is just the amount of water we flush down the toilet every time. Scientists have also warned that repeated usage of underground water without letting them replenish will lead to lightning on the earth’s surface, causing frequent and violent earthquakes. Water conservation is vital to keep the Earth safe.

On Earth Day, EARTHDAY.ORG highlights how humans can utilize technology to save the Earth, using resources wisely and sparingly with the help of machines.

Soapy does just that.

The automatic handwashing machine created by Soapy, the CleanMachine, dispenses the exact amount of soap and warm water needed for a perfect wash cycle. This means controlling the amount of water and soap used so that none go to waste. The CleanMachine is programmed to use only 1 cup of water for every wash, which is the correct amount needed with the guidance of the CleanMachine as it coaches the user on how to wash. “Regular” hand washes over the sink use an average of 12 cups, every time! The CleanMachine saves up to 95% of water otherwise wasted through handwashing. The CleanMachine also saves up to 60% of soap, and 20% of electricity wasted on heating the water. Infection prevention monitoring is our responsibility, wash your hand and save the world.

Infection prevention monitoring

Green Technologies Are What We Do

When designing the CleanMachine, it was important to Max and Alex, our founders, that it is built in the most sustainable way possible. They wanted to create a mindful way to ensure thorough handwashing, one that doesn’t put us or our planet in danger. The hand hygiene data gathered on the CleanMachine throughout its uses is transferred to the Soapy Wisdom platform, where resource reports detail how much water, soap, electricity, and ultimately money, your business has used and saved with Soapy.

Because we understand the impact people have on the environment, CleanMachine has a built-in “wash tutor” that coaches the users on the best way to wash their hands. Motion sensors in the machine’s basin scan the hands as they are being washed to determine if the correct movements have been practiced. At the end of the wash, each user gets a detailed report to help them improve their hand-washing technique. This helps assess your own abilities and improve over time – even without the CleanMachine.

People make a difference, with how they wash and how they use the resources around them.

For every 10 CleanMachines we sell, we donate one to a community in need of CleanMachine’s unique capabilities. Thanks to “Soapy Give”, our smart handwashing machines have been installed in rural schools in India, Africa, and more!

Our commitment to conserving resources and giving back to the community has been recognized by NOPs, NGOs, and change agents around the world.

If you want to learn more about CleanMachine and what we do here, reach out to us here!

Infection prevention monitoring

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