Soapy is one of the top 20 companies in Invest Horizon EU 2020

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soapy is one of the top 20 companies in Invest Horizon EU 2020.Soapy is so proud to be part of the top 20 companies chosen by Invest Horizon EU for the year of 2020!

Washing Hand

Soapy was chosen after being assessed by over 150 investors, and judged for the product, our vision, and more. We’re proud Invest Horizon chose Soapy’s product and mission as leading and promising, a true technological breakthrough in the field of hand hygiene.
2020 held so many challenges for the world – with the widespread of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone suddenly realized how infectious diseases travel so fast around the globe, endangering our bodies. The truth is, public health experts have been trying to get the public to wash their hands for years – to no avail. The pandemic, however, triggered a wider response from the general public. Suddenly, people were making up songs to ensure the right amount of time was spent washing hands, celebrities shared how to perform the correct movements in videos, and the world experienced its first shortage of hand sanitizer and liquid soap. Some experts have claimed that food has never been cleaner – as people in the food industry washed hands more to combat the coronavirus. All the way from the middle of 2021, we can safely say it’s been a truly crazy year.
Soapy is one of the top 20 companies in Invest Horizon EU 2020

Hand hygiene for infection prevention

This is why Soapy’s solution, the CleanMachine, is so well received. People are ready to wash their hands. People understand why it’s so important. And, with a little technological help from us, they can create a safer and more hygienic world for us all. The CleanMachine dispenses the exact amount of soap and water needed, saving up to 95% of water and 60% of soap. Motion sensors in the station’s basin scan the hands during the wash cycle, and each user gets a brief report once the wash is over, explaining how well they washed their hands. During the wash cycle, Soapy’s smart screen shows the user which movements to practice.
The CleanMachine also takes a user’s temperature during each wash through unique sensors aimed at the hands, so that employees’ body temperature can be monitored throughout the day and management can be notified if an abnormal temperature is detected.
Hand hygiene information like the quality of wash, which movements are missed most often, and other variables, is stored in the Soapy Wisdom platform, a secure platform that only managers can access. This helps businesses tailor their infection prevention programs to their business needs, understanding what their employees struggle with most and when.
Soapy is one of the top 20 companies in Invest Horizon EU 2020

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