Your healthcare facility can enjoy a cost-effective intelligent hand hygiene system with electronic monitoring system(EMS).

There is more! 

Soapy measures more than just events or opportunities, our AI driven hand hygiene system measures quality and provide education.

Empower your medical team with instant personal feedback and gamified visuals.

Reducing HAIs can be practical and fun all together!
No need to compromise!

interactive display for user gamification and hand hygiene compliance support:
  • Real time tutorials
  • Instant quality feedback
  • Personal Score
  • Interactive content 
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Service alerts

Optional Setups

  • 24” – Vertical Setup
  • 11” – Horizontal setup
Shower Head
Soapy Pro hand hygiene system is designed for the best user experience. Soapy's shower head designed to dispense cleansing liquids without loosing time, volume or money. 
When the system set up for handwashing it is maintaining the best water volume and temperature saving up to 95% of water consumption per handwashing.
Soap & Sanitizer
You can use your soap or our branded fully certified soap.

Unique patented design soap bottle, IoT powered preventing waste and misuse of the disinfecting liquid. IoT enabled management and refill control. 

To learn about our sanitizers contact our sales team
Data Collection
The CleanMachine Pro is designed with 3 different, fully patented, sensing technologies to capture and analyze more than 100 quality parameters
  • Real time Computer Vision capturing hand hygiene quality parameters
  • User ID recognition - GDPR compliant
  • Thermal Vision – measure user body temperature.
  • Sound – measuring motion and friction
Sensors setup (on/off ) are fully customizable for each unit independently through the SoapyWisdom cloud platform
About the Soapy Pro
Hand Hygiene station

It was designed to be mounted on any vertical surface. It can be installed in hallways, beside entrances, patient rooms, or access to medical wards. Soapy Pro can easily replace existing hand hygiene systems or as an additional layer for infection prevention.

Soapy Pro supports the medical staff with educational, fun, and Intelligent hand hygiene tutorials.

At the end of each handwashing or hand sanitizing cycle, the user receives a quality score based on WHO guidelines for proper hand hygiene.

Soapy Pro has a self-check mechanism to evaluate any potential malfunctions or misuse of the technology. If any of the above occurs, it will automatically report to the engineering and maintenance team through SMS or email. 

User experience is one of the cornerstones of Soapy. This is why our systems are equipped with instant warm water and a user-visual interface for fun, educational feedback.

With SoapyWisdom, Soapy Pro can be set up for handwashing or hand sanitizing, reporting compliance parameters, and building fun visual communications on the Soapy Pro display – HAI prevention can be enjoyable! 

Height with vertical screen

109 cm | 43 in

Height with small horizontal screen

72 cm | 29 in


42 cm | 16.5 in

Length (Depth)

34 cm | 13.4 in


55 cm | 22 in

Paper towel drawer

access needed
110V / 220V
50Hz / 60Hz


14 kg | 31 lb


access needed

Soapy Wisdom is an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) built as a cloud-big-data compliance and control system. 

An informative dashboard to track hand hygiene adherence and quality at your facility. Soapy Wisdom helps to visualize user handwashing behavior, quality, and compliance.


Supports multiple stake holders

Infection prevention (IP) team
Facility Leadership team
Maintenance team.

Data-based alerts and notification with actionable insights for simple and robust operation.

Soapy Wisdom helps with compliance reporting and minimize unpleasant friction between the IP team and the rest of the medical staff.

With Soapy you get efficiency, and trust of your team with self-governance instead of supervision!

Control hand hygiene efficiency ensures that your systems are synchronized with infection prevention needs. Control all cycle parameters and use alerts and reminders.

Create champions – work smarter, not harder.







Soapy is attracting attention and capturing hearts, minds, and hands worldwide. From healthcare, education, food service, facilities management to fully compliant need of food pharma and pharma manufacturing – we are focused on infection prevention through technology, ecology, and social responsibility. 

SOAPY is helping ensure a safer, cleaner, and eco-friendly world. 

We are making safe and effective handwashing the “new cool”. Soapy is helping organizations create a “badge of honor” for those progressive organizations protecting their workers and those with public interaction. 

Contact us to get a Soapy Clean Machine Pro where your staff and customers need it most 


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