Soapy Was Installed In “San-Paolo” Hospital In Italy Aiding Covid-19 Patients

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Improving patient safety in hospitals is our responsibility. In line with World Health Organization guidelines, hospitals understand better than ever before how important it is to practice hand hygiene in the medical field. However, implementing hand hygiene in healthcare settings is often hard to manage. Washing hands thoroughly requires enough sinks, enough warm water and soap, enough time, and most of all – it must be kept in mind constantly by both the staff and the patients. Soapy has found a way to make handwashing both efficient and available for use with the smart handwashing station, CleanMachine. The Israeli Embassy in Italy has decided to donate 2 Soapy CleanMachines to San-Paolo hospital in Savona, as a way to help the district that is coping with serious Covid-19 associated illnesses. A ceremony was held in place to celebrate this international collaboration with a delegation from The Israeli Embassy, the leaders of ASL 2, and the regional, provincial, and local politicians.

Attending the ceremony: the Ambassador of Israel in Italy, Dror Eydar, followed by the interventions of the Regional Councilor, Angelo Vaccarezza, of the President of the Health and Social Security Commission of the Region Liguria, Brunello Brunetto, the Quaestor of Savona, Giannina Roatta, the President of the Province of Savona, Pierangelo Olivieri, the Mayor of Savona, Ilaria Caprioglio, the President of the Italy-Israel Association of Savona, Cristina Franco, and the Co-Founder of Soapy Europe Srl, Federico Raveglia.

Improving patient safety in hospitals

Soapy’s CleanMachine uses natural resources perfectly so that no water or soap goes to waste throughout the wash cycle. This can save up to 95% of water, 60% of soap, and 95% of the electricity used to heat the water to provide the correct temperature for washing.

On top of eliminating infection at the point of use due to its touch-free operation, CleanMachine uses motion sensors and machine learning to scan the hands as they are being washed and analyze the motions. This important hand hygiene information is translated into reports that the hospital can use to customize its infection prevention plan. This helps find answers to questions like, “Where in the hospital do people not wash hands enough? Why is that?” or “which department needs to have a lecture about hygiene protocols and procedures soon?” The CleanMachine is the best way to wash hands and ensure both staff and patients stay healthy throughout this pandemic.

Italian media published the story over several channels, referring to Soapy’s CleanMachine as “innovative equipment… a symbol of support in the fight against coronavirus.”

Articles were written in the Italian Media about Soapy’s CleanMachine

ASL 2 Director said, “Already installed and fully operational, they (the CleanMachines) will contribute to increasing the safety of operators and patients.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the world with incredibly high death rates and prolonged illnesses. This is a time to stand together, to fight the virus so that people all around the world can stay safe and heal. Soapy is proud to stand by Italy in these trying times, and to continue to create a safer world – one hand wash at a time. Improving patient safety in hospitals is our responsibility.

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