First, download the illustrated Site preparation guide here: Download

Youtube instructions

1. Go to Settings on your mobile device and enable Wi-Fi.

2. Look at the list of available wireless networks.

3. You should see Wi-Fi network with the serial number of your system (example: CleanMachine ECO-02-XXXXX). Note: The location of the serial number is on the left bottom side of the CleanMachine.

4. Press on the name of your system (CleanMachine ECO-02-XXXXX) displayed in the Wifi settings of your mobile device.

5. Connect with this system using the password: Soapy2018.

6. Go to your browser on your mobile device, type the URL and click submit. This screen will appear:

6.1. Select the Wi-Fi network of your facility that you want your system to connect to.

6.2. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi facility and recheck it before submitting.

6.3. Click submit.

7. After the ‘Submit’ button is pressed – the system will restart itself.

To get started and receive the details on how to log-in with the Soapy Wisdom Data Dashboard, please contact your local distributor or get in touch with Soapy’s support through the next link: Soapy’s Support 

Now that you have set up the CleanMachine and the Soapy Wisdom account, here is a short tutorial on how to wash hands with the CleanMachine:

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