Hand hygiene compliance and HAIs

Wearing gloves to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Hand hygiene compliance is a fundamental prerequisite for every MD and paramedic staff working in a hospital, urgent care facility, clinic, LTC, or any healthcare setting today. Keeping in mind the severe outcomes of the spread of hospital-associated infections(HAIs), hand hygiene should be emphasized accordingly. The ascending incidence of nosocomial infections and their intricacies can […]

Exploring the exciting influence of Florence Nightingale’s on modern infection prevention

Megan Wells as she performs the story of Florence Nightingale

Infection Prevention Week: Exploring the exciting influence of Florence Nightingale’s on infection prevention practices in Modern Healthcare Florence Nightingale, often celebrated as the pioneer of modern nursing, has left an indelible mark on the world of healthcare, particularly in infection prevention. As we commemorate Infection Prevention Week, it’s worth revisiting Nightingale’s significant contributions and their […]

Smart Steps for Little Feet. Ensuring Patient Safety in NICU

Futuristic NICU incubator with a new born child

Should we Start? So what are the needed smart steps for little feet to ensure patient safety in NICU In the complex healthcare landscape, few places demand as much attention to detail and stringent infection prevention measures as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Ensuring the well-being of delicate newborns requires a comprehensive approach to […]

New Israeli technology suppresses hospital-associated infection

Clinicians Washing hands

A publication by MAARIV speaks about how new Israeli technology suppresses hospital-associated infections. Introduction In the fast-paced world of healthcare, preventing infections and ensuring patient safety are paramount. That’s where the start-up SOAPY steps in, offering an innovative solution to combat infectious diseases in healthcare facilities or, as we call it HAIs. Collaborating with renowned […]