The Future of Handwashing Has Arrived and is Here to Stay

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As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, it’s becoming clear that the preventive measures prescribed to combat the virus will be around for longer than initially forecasted. Ongoing recommendations to wear masks, maintain social distancing, practice good hand hygiene and conduct frequent temperature checks are an everyday reminder of the ongoing need to protect ourselves for a better future.

One of the most effective measures prescribed for combatting COVID-19 is handwashing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes handwashing as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs to others and provides a long list of both public and private activities that should prompt us to wash our hands.

Max Simonovsky and Alex Orlovsky, founders of Soapy, couldn’t agree more with the CDC’s perspective on the power of handwashing. Clean Machine is a handwashing station they invented that uses the latest technology to make sure that hands are washed perfectly. Their belief is that Clean Machine can make the world a better place “one hand wash at a time.”

Delivering point of use hand hygiene

One of the biggest challenges to complying with the latest handwashing recommendations is the inconvenience associated with it. To wash your hands in most public settings, like an office or a school, you typically need to visit a sink in a bathroom. Clean Machine does away with that inconvenience. It’s a point-of-use handwashing station that can be set up and used wherever it is most convenient.

For industries where handwashing is a regular and ongoing need, such as food service, residential care, health care, and education, Clean Machine is a solution that allows employees to wash their hands more easily and more often. In addition, its visibility and intelligent technology work to enhance the reputation of businesses that use it. As its founders say, Clean Machine brings handwashing out of the bathroom and into the future.

Providing a global solution

While Clean Machine is the perfect solution for COVID protocols, its founders have a vision that is much broader than pandemic care. Soapy believes hygiene is a fundamental human right and that better habits, like keeping your hands clean, make the world a safer place.

Globally, three billion people lack access to basic hand hygiene facilities. Ongoing studies being carried out by the CDC show handwashing can reduce by as much as 50% of infections that claim the lives of millions of children each year. Soapy wants to see everyone have access to quality handwashing to prevent diseases and ensure good health. In fact, for every ten Clean Machines that it sells, Soapy donates one to a space where better hand hygiene is needed.

Teaching proper technique

Clean Machine is much more than just a station providing soap and water. It utilizes technology that not only provides a video-driven tutorial on how to properly wash your hands but employs sensors that evaluate your handwashing and alert you if it wasn’t done in accordance with World Health Organization protocols. Clean Machine uses artificial intelligence to coach users and “score” the quality of the washing in real-time. This gamification of hand hygiene makes it the perfect tool for encouraging children to wash their hands.

Clean Machine also makes sure that hands are washed for the proper amount of time, with the proper amount of soap, and with water that has been heated to the proper temperature. For organizations that need to certify that hands are washed properly, Clean Machine is a first-of-its-kind authentic and genuine compliance device for handwashing. It gathers data in a way that is compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and provides customizable visual validation reports.

Finally, for situations in which COVID compliance is important, the Clean Machine provides automatic and highly accurate temperature screenings with every wash. Customized Soapy Safe Alerts provide early warnings to protect against potential exposure to COVID-19 or other viruses.

Saving precious resources

In addition to bringing health to its users, Soapy’s Clean Machine also brings value. Soapy believes that water is precious, prompting it to engineer Clean Machine to facilitate each handwashing with the minimum amount of water required for the maximum quality wash. This provides cost savings to the organizations that use it, saving up to 60% of soap and 95% of water otherwise wasted.

It’s not just handwashing that saves lives; it’s handwashing done right. Clean Machine makes sure that hands are clean and lives are saved. It’s the future of handwashing and it’s just in time.


Soapy is the future of handwashing! 


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