The Future of Neonatology, couldn’t be more inspiring!

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A remarkable chapter unfolded this week at the Italian National Neonatal Conference in the heart of Naples, Italy. Professor Fabio Mosca, a distinguished figure and President of the Italian Neonatal Symposium SIN, delivered a compelling message during his presentation on the future of neonatology – couldn’t be more inspiring! He shared an enduring truth that resonated deeply: hand hygiene has been, is, and always will be the cornerstone of keeping our patients safe and alive.

Among the advanced medical technology and groundbreaking scientifical discoveries in the brain develoment, correct nutrition strategies, proper medication dosing, that were presented by the Professor. Mosca’s words about the importans of proper hand hygiene were a poignant reminder. The basics matter most in the delicate realm of neonatology, where the tiniest patients rely on the gentlest care. Hand hygiene, a simple yet profound practice, takes center stage.

šŸ‘ Harnessing the Power of Innovation: Intelligent Handwashing for NICUs

Professor Mosca’s pride and optimism shone through as he shared news from his institution, the Mangiagalli Hospital in Milan:

“Here, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we have embraced the cutting-edge technology of Soapy. This innovation doesn’t just meet regulatory standards; it redefines them. It’s automated handwashing with intelligenceā€”a solution that ensures every hand that touches a fragile life is impeccably clean.”

Prof Mosca Presents soapy's technology during his presentation regarding the future of Neonatology and the SIN conference in Naples, 2023.

Mosca’s decision to continue using Soapy’s innovation speaks volumes. It’s a testament to the tangible resultsā€”reduced HAIs, enhanced infection prevention, and safeguarding precious newborns. In Professor Mosca’s endorsement, we find inspirationā€”a reminder that sometimes, the most profound impact comes from the simplest gestures.

By celebrate this milestone in neonatology, let us agree on the significance of the basics practices. Hand hygiene isn’t just a routine; it’s a promise. A promise to protect, to nurture, and to ensure that every newborn receives the best start in life.

Thank you, Professor Mosca, for your dedication to innovation in neonatology and healthcare. As we look to the future, your wisdom guides us in creating a safer and healthier world for all.

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