The Jerusalem Post Revealed – Soapy Is Working With Sheba Hospital!

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The Jerusalem Post Revealed – Soapy Is Working With Sheba Hospital! In a new article, The Jerusalem Post revealed that Soapy has started collaborating with Sheba’s COVID-19 hospital wing in the fight against the dangerous new virus. Soapy is utilizing its smart tools to ensure thorough hand washes are practiced to the best possible quality during these dangerous times.

“One of the main risks in the coronavirus department is not coronavirus – the patients already have it – but the other diseases or infections that might complicate the treatment of the patients,” Max Simonovsky, Soapy’s CEO, said to The Jerusalem Post in his interview. “We want to make sure that if you have someone going into the department with another disease that it will not spread around.”

Ensuring hand hygiene is easy with the CleanMachine. The smart hygiene station scans the hands and provides real-time data on the hand washing process, grades the process, and also measures the user’s body temperature to make sure symptoms do not develop throughout the workday.

“Sheba installed the units … to provide staff with a simple and supportive tool to make sure they can sanitize their hands – to keep employees safe and the patients safe,” said Max to The Jerusalem Post.

Especially now, practicing hand hygiene is imperative to maintaining health. Here at Soapy we’re proud to make every hand wash count.

Staff using the CleanMachine at the Corona ward, Sheba Medical Center


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