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The ministry for smart hygiene

It cleans, but not only: it is truly The ministry for smart hygiene – Soapy Clean Machine not limited to hand washing but also record and monitor the quality of the operation to allow, if necessary, to take corrective measures and to improve the quality of hand hygiene and handwashing.

A proper and frequent hand cleaning is one of the main ways to avoid the spread of bacteria. And as we all learned, this is also true regarding viruses! The Coronavirus (COVID-19) “Study case results” are clear evidence to the said above.  An awareness that has brought great attention to this issue, also recording growth in product innovation in this sector. The products whose design has been stimulated by research on sanitation also include Soapy Clean Machine, a patented and technologically advanced system for hand washing that guarantees users compliance with the standards set by the WHO, FDA, and CDC offering an intelligent personal hand hygiene station, that is compliant with regulations. Technology that not only records and monitors but also gamifies and educates for better hand hygiene. 

The cleaning control

The Artificial Intelligence that characterizes Soapy, uses unique algorithms together with different types of sensors, that are capable to detect and analyze the entire surface of the user’s hands and translate into data the movements and gestures carried out during handwashing. The CleanMachine is capable to monitor the quality of handwashing, both in real-time and by analyzing the reports of the data sent to the SoapyWisdom cloud platform. Allowing, in case of need, to adopt corrective measures and to improve the quality of hygiene. This in time improves the safety of operators and the community of people who come into contact with them.

At your fingertips… where you need it

The ideal location of the Soapy Clean Machine is in restaurants, canteens, hotels, sports clubs, spas, gyms, universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, analysis laboratories, and all systems that need to combat the proliferation and transmission of bacteria. and viruses.

The advantages that Soapy Clean Machine offers are numerous:


1. Quality assurance: Soapy transforms hand hygiene into data science, thanks to the capturing and processing of unique data;

2. Compliance: compliance with the hand hygiene guidelines of the World Health Organization, the CDC, or the FDA. Furthermore, the device allows the measurement of the user temperature during the entire handwashing cycle;

3. Sustainability: Soapy saves up to 95% of water and up to 60% of soap compared to a traditional hand wash;

4. Economic convenience: return on investment in a few months thanks to the combined savings of water, detergent, and electricity;

5. Touch-free: the activation of the system without any hand contact avoids contamination during use;

6. The Internet of Things: with real-time reports of the quality of hand washing of all users; and automated unit maintenance monitoring.

7. Verification and certification that each user washes his/her hands correctly thanks to the Artificial Intelligence system;

8. Quick and easy “Plug & Play” installation directly by the user; NO Technical specialty is needed! 

9. Safety: the system is certified according to CE, IC, FCC, ROHS, WEEE regulations.



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