The science behind- why you should wash your hands?

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why should you wash your hands
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why should you wash your hands? Hand washing might sound like a simple action to do but in reality, it holds significant potential in halting the likelihood of getting infected by innumerable  infectious diseases.

We are surrounded by millions of pathological agents that have adept themselves at transmission and propagation thanks to the ecological upheaval and globalization.

Not only that, but the environmental stress is causing them to mutate and become stronger and more resilient to fight back the conventional treatment methodologies.

 These emerging infections  can informally be defined as a NEWS highlight that can knock out any hot issue or front page story of the newspaper and keep on trending for weeks, and in a formal way, we can say that these infections are rapidly increasing in incidence, geographic range, and frequency.

There are about 2 to 10 billion bacteria that can be present on your fingertips

Each bacteria reproduce within 20 minutes to yield more bacteria, so if you don’t wash your hands, you transfer these germs to the food and drinks you consume as 80 percent of the disease-causing pathogens are passed into your body systems just because you underestimate and overlook simple act of washing hands.

why should you wash your hands?

Hand washing is one of the best and most cost-effective preventive measures to protect you and your loved ones from lethal infections.

According to the CDC guidelines you should wash your hands with soap and water after every visit to the bathroom, after cleaning up a child or changing the diaper,etc.

This indicates that you need to practice hand washing as much as you can to make sure that you develop a habit of keeping your hands clean and hygienic all the time as it is a psychological fact that we can be easily persuaded to follow a particular habit if we understand the reason behind it.

Hand hygiene is a crucial lifetime habit for several reasons

why should you wash your hands
Credit: Freepik

For one, no one likes to be suffering from illness, and some of those infections could become severe. Secondly, those who get unwell could have to deal with financial stress.

Another reason why you should wash your hands is that when people get sick repeatedly

They are advised to take more antibiotics and interventions which can be a stressful experience because the more antibiotics you take, the more bacteria would become resistant to those antibiotics.

That means that these medications will not work effectively to fight off that infection.

 Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in the modern world and a lot of fortune is being consumed on the development of more antibiotics to combat these resistant infections

Therefore, cleaning your hands according to the new guidelines by CDC not only prevents you from catching germs but also helps in preventing their life spread particularly to individuals who have low immunity and are more susceptible.

By adopting frequent hand washing we can encourage individuals and their communities to stay healthy and prevent deadly diseases that are responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality across the world.  

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