We Have The Power To Stop COVID-19

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Stop COVID-19, Because it is very dangerous. Many scenarios in 2020 seem like they were taken from an apocalyptic movie. We’re not talking about the fires, the earthquakes, the armored confrontations – though they could fit the description. We’re referring to the spread of a dangerous new illness, paralyzing large parts of the world as well as the global economy. It can sometimes feel like the change brought on by COVID-19 is overwhelming and overpowering, like there is nothing we can do to stop the virus from spreading – but that’s not true.

We have the tools to stop the spread: we can wash our hands, wear face masks, and social distance. Each of these techniques is useful in the fight against the virus.

Hand washing is extremely effective against the coronavirus. The soap neutralizes the virus’s membrane, rendering it inactive. The consistency of the soap allows other harmful germs to wash away with the water as well. Hand washing is effective as long as it’s done properly and at key times. We’ve compiled a list of the proper hand movements that need to be carried out while hand washing, and a list of the times it’s recommended to wash your hands throughout the day.

Wearing face masks can be considered a controversial topic. It’s not always comfortable to wear face masks – it’s hot, itchy, and often unpleasant. However, it is important. You are 75% less likely to transmit the coronavirus to others while wearing a face mask. Others in your community could be immune-deficient, or at risk due to diabetes and other illnesses, and wearing a face mask can help keep them safe.

Social distancing is a concept many have a hard time wrapping their minds around. We are social creatures, we live in groups, and interact with one another as a basic way of life. However, right now, keeping a safe 2-meter distance from one another is optimal – yes, even when standing in line. Modern technology has made social distancing easier than ever before. Online shopping, even for groceries, has become easier and common, and helps diminish the risk of infection by limiting the need to be around other people. Interactions can take on different shapes and forms than in the past. Having a zoom meeting with your friends or coworkers can help ease the loneliness the situation has created in place of the usual “coffee break”.  

We are not helpless in the face of this pandemic. We have the power to comply with these new regulations and help stop the spread of the coronavirus. If we pay enough attention to these key elements, we can get through these trying times.

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